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I'm looking for recommendations for restaurants in Kenmore Sq that I can bring a baby too, for dinner.

I'll be staying in a hotel in Kenmore Sq for two nights and will need dinner. Party of three adults, two of whom are pescatarian, and one infant. I'd like places that are more sit down than fast casual but that are baby friendly (i.e., have a changing table, I can breastfeed without getting dirty looks). it's a Sunday and Monday. Needs to not require reservations because our schedule may change last minute. Would love Japanese or Mexican food as we don't have good restaurants for those where I live, but am very open to trying most cuisines. We do tend to eat very healthy and lean vegetarian though so not looking for some place where everything is deep fried. Thanks!
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I'd definitely take a trip to any of the Anna's locations for your Mexican needs, even though it doesn't meet your sit down requirements. But seriously, best burritos ever. There are no better burritos. Anywhere. Ever. They are SO GOOD.

And I think you should take the 10 minute green line trip into Coolidge Corner for family friendly restaurants for a sit down experience. Just about anywhere in Coolidge Corner is likely to be kid friendly given the number of families in Brookline.
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Response by poster: Sorry, should have specified- I'm looking for walking distance only, say maybe 15 min, less preferred, as getting on the T is going to be too much after a day of traveling and then before we leave.
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If it's a nice day and you don't mind eating outside on picnic tables, El Pelon Taqueria is about a 10-15 minute walk (94 Peterborough St.) from Kenmore Square. I am of the opinion they're the best burritos and tacos around. Their Pescado burrito is one of my all-time favorite meals.
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Best answer: Mei Mei is about a 10 minute walk - really interesting Chinese American food. Tatte's, which is fancy sandwiches and pastries and interesting food with a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food (also good for breakfast) is also about 10 minutes. Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese barbecue place in the same neighborhood. If you walk in the other direction towards Mass Ave and Newbury Street, you'll find Love Art Sushi and Hokkaido-Santouka Ramen. I've not eaten at Love Art Sushi, but I'm a big fan of Hokkaido Santouka Ramen. They're crowded but first come, first serve, so you line up outside the door and they'll seat you as soon as possible - it's not really a "sit and relax" kind of restaurant, though.
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Best answer: Do you know whether the Red Sox are playing at home on the days you're there? It has a pretty huge impact on dining options in Kenmore. Alas, my Kenmore faves are all either carnivore-oriented (Tasty Burger and Sweet Cheeks BBQ) or not particularly child-friendly (Eastern Standard). I've heard good things about Tiger Mama on Boylston (Southeast Asian fusion).

El Pelon is good but it's definitely in the fast casual/takeout zone - not great for leisurely dining.
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A solid choice would be Yard House , which has a huge menu with plenty of fish and veggie dishes, ample seating (inside and outside), and is less than 10 minutes from Kenmore Square. Check the Red Sox schedule though, the area is a nightmare on game days!

I really would recommend hopping on the T and going to Coolidge Corner. It's a 15 minute ride from Kenmore, no changing trains, just get on in the outbound direction. Even rush hour is pretty manageable on the C line. There's Fugakyu, a solid sushi restaurant, and Zaftig's, a local Jewish deli gem with plenty of vegetarian options and great salads. Also, it's unlikely that Red Sox crowds will be that far west. Bonus: you can stop at JP Licks after dinner and then have a nice walk (downhill! 26 minutes!) back to Kenmore.
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I second the recommendation of checking the game schedule. If there is a home game, definitely head away! & up to Coolidge Corner and get the fried green tea ice cream at Fugakyu.
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Response by poster: Ugh, thanks for the tips on game day - that hadn't occurred to me at all! The Sunday we arrive (next weekend) there's a 1pm game. Will the area be bad around 5-7pm? Not a baseball person, I have no idea how long games last.
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Best answer: A 1:00 game should be done around 4:00 PM. Sometimes they go a bit longer. Most people will have cleared out by then but there will be people lingering in bars and restaurants.
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Best answer: I actually think that Eastern Standard - despite being a little on the upscale side - is plenty baby/child-friendly, and would recommend it as an option. We've taken my son there multiple times since he was an infant and we always see other families (we tend to go during the early dinner hours). On a weekend you'd need a reservation, but on a Monday evening you might be fine.
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I'd defer to a more-recently-local, but I feel like a Sunday night won't be so bad even with a game letting out. It's the weeknight 7pm games that produce insanity, and Friday nights, and Sat. afternoons.
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Best answer: Nthing Eastern Standard. I’m not sure where you live but if it’s still Northampton, the Mexican in Boston is really just ok and not any better than what you can find closer to home.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! We ended up at Eastern Standard, partly based on these recs and partly because it turned out to be in our hotel which made it super easy. We had a nice meal there and it was fine to have the baby. Unfortunately Fugaku is closed for renovations or we would have checked that out; Mei Mei sounded great to me but not the other members of my party.
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