Recommendations for a flattering & comfortable medium impact sports bra?
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I'm looking for sports bras for working out and for wearing for active non-running activities (like kayaking, light hiking, etc).

My desires:
- some molding or padding - I'm on 36 A/B divide, so I'd like something to add/preserve some shape
- not super tight on the band - I've got a large band size with a small cup size
- sports bra styling so I can wear it under loose tank tops and not care if its visible

I don't really care about cost if they're great. Ideally, I'd get something like this Gap Racerback bralette, but with more cup shape/definition.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention what I've looked at so far. Most molded cup/more shape sports bras are for the D-cup crowd and are more engineering and compression than I'm looking for (and often not in my size).
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Maybe overkill, but I, an avowed Victoria Secret hater, ewlaly love the angel max line. Here's the new version, but old ones are great too. Comfortable, doesnt smoosh, keeps shape, sturdy. I wear them as regular bras sometimes. I think they just finished crazy sale time, unfortunately.
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The ones from champion are pretty great
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I love the Victoria's Secret Knockout front-close sports bra. It's a bra-within-a-bra and both have front clasps so it's easy to get in and out of, but very supportive and has good shape. The inner bra is molded and has a (non-pokey) concealed wire, and the outside is neoprene-ish. It starts at a B cup and the band goes up to a 40.
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Start at Title Nine ... the "Work to Workout" bras are what you're looking for.

I am a big fan of this bra which, while they don't advertise it, is really a Patagonia sports bra.
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Seconding Dashy's recommendation. Also, I wear Fabletics medium impact bras for yoga, walking, biking, going to work, etc. C cup and I practically live in those things. Their styles are always changing so I don't know what to recommend specifically for medium impact.
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As much I hate them, Lulu Lemon has some cute, strappy bras that look good under regular tank tops. I can't access the link now, but I think its the "Free to Be Wild" line.
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I currently love the Brooks Fiona bra. It is adjustable both with velcro on the straps and with multiple tightness settings on the band, which makes it easy to adjust how supportive it is. It can go from running to all day comfort for me by changing the straps. It also, um, makes my breasts look a lot better than a regular sports bra
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I loathe sports bras in general, but love the ones from Uniqlo. I wear the Active Racerback at the gym, and the Active Seamless for more casual activities (and weekends).
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