Where did I see this humour metaphor?
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I'm looking to find a source for something. I remember seeing an extended metaphor on comedy, but searching has provided nothing. It went something like...

You're at a comedy show, the comic does a dumb joke about chickens. The front row laughs because they haven't heard it. The second row doesn't laugh because it's an old joke and they have heard it. The third row laughs because it's an old joke and they recognise it. The fourth row laughs because it's funny to come up as a modern comic and open with a corny joke. The fifth row doesn't laugh because ironically doing corny jokes is clich├ęd. The sixth row laughs because sometimes you need post-ironic old-fashioned jokes.

I can't vouch for the row numbers/reasons but the explanation was structured roughly like this. In particular it was ordered according to the sophistication of the audience. Maybe the joke was why did the chicken cross the road?

I can't find it, it could even have been on or via Metafilter that I first saw it, and I'd love to find a source. Thanks!
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