78 card tarot decks similar in look/feel to the Marseilles tarot?
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Looking for English language, 78 card tarot decks that are similar in late medieval look / feel to the classic Marseilles tarot deck. Bonus points for those that are reasonably affordable.
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Marseilles is a style or a very large category of many different decks, not the name of a single deck. There are many versions of the Marseilles tarot, including one by Jodorowsky from his Tarot phase, and countless others. Here are some Marseilles-inspired decks that do not exactly qualify as pure Marseilles but evoke the same aesthetic. If you want to go further afield, here are medieval and Renaissance themes decks.
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Heather Hall sells reproduction medieval playing cards, including a Tarot deck based on the Rosenwald Tarot. You can order her cards by using the contact form on her website; it looks like they're also available here.
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