Ghosties for 3 year olds
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Nearly 3 yo loves ghosts (of the sheet looking variety, not Poltergeist). We've been looking for picture books with them in, but have had no success so far. The ideal would be a lot like Funnybones, but any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
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I have fond memories of Gus Was a Friendly Ghost from my own childhood (have not revisited to see how it stands the test of time).
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We had Ten Timid Ghosts.
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I thought Goldfish Ghost was pretty cute.
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The book version of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
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My ghost-loving kids liked Sandra Boynton's "Spooky Pookie". It's a short little board book about dressing up for Halloween, but it prominently features the sheet variety of ghost costumes.
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Ghosts in the House

Gilbert the Ghost

The Teeny Tiny Ghost

In the Haunted House

... and my son's all time top ten favorite Boogie Knights (ghosts, but not in sheets. Great puns, though)

also, Ten Timid Ghosts for sure
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It’s out of print, but I always loved Georgie the Ghost.
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Boo! is good if your toddler likes Leslie Patricelli.
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Seconding Georgie and the Gus Was a Friendly Ghost books (there's a whole series, and they're adorable!). Those were some of my favorites as an also ghost-loving child.
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Leo: A Ghost Story. Very sweet and charming.
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Does the child like scary ghosts or cute ghosts? My 4yo loves SCARY ghosts. And I am that terrible parent who gives 4yos scary books.

Ghosts! Ghostly Tales from Folklore is rated for grades 1 - 3. And so is In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories. Both are favorites with my 4yo, especially if you read them in creepy voices.

This one is marked as for 4 - 8 year olds, but it is a bit more gruesome than the other two. Grandpa's Ghost Stories. My kid, of course, much prefers this one over the other two.
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Not a book, but if your kid is a Toca games aficionado, they might enjoy Toca Boo. Fun, young child-friendly game with ghosts (may or may not like the scaring aspect of the game, though it is done in a silly way, with comic effect)
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Inside a House That Is Haunted (with many other creepy creatures too)
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I also came here to rec Gus Was a Friendly Ghost!
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Caspar! Lots and lots of comics, cartoons, etc. There may well be picture books too.
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The Johnny Boo series by James Kochalka, my kid loved them at that age.
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Popping by to nth ghosts in the house by Kazuno Kohara! It is well loved in my (ghostless) house!
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If you can get hold of a used cooy, the book and record version of Disney's Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion is great fun. (If you can only find the book, the audio can be found online in several places. The linked site also has scans of all the pages, if your little ghost hunter likes reading from a screen.)
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