A Document Manager/Browser for a Small Company
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A small company I work with needs a small-scale knowledge management solution. Google Drive doesn't offer a "curated" enough interface, while something like Sharepoint would probably be too large and unwieldy.

"How do I enable an employee to explore a resource that they didn't know they needed?" That's the question on my mind as I try to find a document management solution for a company I work with.

We are a tutoring company, and lots of our tutors have resources that they want to share. Ideally, our document management solution would be more than just a Google Drive or a set of folders and tagged documents. It would be a place where tutors could post documents that they find useful, and other tutors could explore these documents through some sort of browser that is a bit more curated than just a set of Google Drive folders.

Whatever the solution is needs to be accessible via web browser, either hosted on our own server or through another site. I have enough of a web dev skillset to install a Git build or other pre-made solution.

I apologize if my description isn't very specific. I guess I don't know quite what I'm looking for, only that it should foster exploration and the ability to "stumble upon" something unexpectedly useful.

Thanks for your ideas and advice!
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Igloo is a nice middle ground between SharePoint and Google Drive, in my experience.
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The organization I'm in uses a combination of Google Drive and Google Sites for this. We developed a folder structure that meets our overall needs within Drive. Units who need something more interactive create their own Google Site, with pages/commentary/links to the relevant resources in Google Drive.
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I haven't used it yet, but our Sales Enablement team is starting to use Confluence for this.
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We dabble in Confluence, it's not too shabby and is quite affordable. Far, far better than Sharepoint in just about every regard, though still a bit fiddly to set up.
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Thanks all for your advice! I ended up taking a similar approach to Lunaloon's suggestion. I installed Use-Your-Drive for Wordpress allowed me to build a bit of a front-end structure around our Google Drive.
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