In search of somewhere peaceful for Fourth of July weekend
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We are located in San Jose, CA and would like to go somewhere with no or minimal fireworks this Fourth of July.

For Fourth of July this year, we have an opportunity to take a few days off and have decided it might be fun to go somewhere more peaceful, away from all the fireworks. Is there a place like that around the Bay Area? We are willing to drive a few hours if needed. I'm saying "peaceful" but it'd be nice if it had some cool places to eat or something to do. Crazily enough, we had initially considered just spending a few nights in SF, as there's a lot more to do there than SJ and the hotel would have better sound insulation than our house.
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Well, I live in West San Jose and for 10 years running, I can only hear fireworks just barely in the far off distance if I stand out on my deck. So maybe Santana Row? Ha!

Seriously though, what about Big Basin or Little Basin? I'm guessing something with really tall Redwood cover is not good fireworks viewing.
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Getting a hotel somewhere is a good idea. Most of the fireworks I hear in my area of San Jose are illegal fireworks in the surrounding neighborhood, and I'd hope that people wouldn't do that in a nice hotel. (I also hear them mainly around lunar new year and in the months after 4 of July. I guess people have extra? Or it's gunshots?)

Where to go is the next question. This listing of fireworks displays shows where not to go, although as a former resident of Pleasanton, you really can't see the fairgrounds from almost all of the city. You did express a preference for things to do, however, and there isn't much to do there.

SF away from the waterfront, maybe?
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Seconding redwoods. We live in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the only fireworks we hear, if any, are illegal ones. There’s not a ton to do here other than hiking (Big Basin, as suggested above, or Henry Cowell) but it’s gorgeous and peaceful and not too far from San Jose or from Santa Cruz if you want to spend one of your days doing stuff in a more populated area. As far as food and beer, we like Cremer House in Felton. Have fun!
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Nthing Santa Cruz County/redwoods. The only fireworks show in all of Santa Cruz County is in Scotts Valley, so if you stay in SC proper, you shouldn't hear a thing. Big Basin, etc. will also be lovely and quiet.
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I'm going to suggest Inverness, like I did the last time this question was asked.
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Thank you for your answers, everyone. I just want to clarify that I can't hear legal firework shows at all from my house. There are many illegal ones though.
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If you want quiet over July 4th don't come into Santa Cruz proper. The mountains might be reasonably quiet, but the neighboorhoods go off - both locals and visitors seem to not care one whit that fireworks are not legal. We live on the eastside and it will go off each night for hours for about a week.
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