Note taking software with tags?
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I am looking for a note taking software with the ability to tag documents...for mac...

I have tons and tons of fragments (snippets of dialogue, ideas for scripts, blog ideas, art ideas, etc) that I want to organize. Ideally I would keep them all in a sort of "pool" that I can recall as needed. I could tag a piece of dialogue like:

"Someday computers will replace fossil fuels." as: future predictions stoner roomate dialogue computers, etc

If I have all of my notes tagged, then I can just recall them as needed when working on larger projects...

Is there any note taking software forr mac that does this kind of thing well? I could even use something like except for the fact that it truncates the note aking section...
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I really like VoodooPad, which is a wiki-like notepad program. While it doesn't have tagging, exactly, it does offer a Spotlight plugin and has good internal search. If you could give yourself a convention like leading tags with a special character (! or @ or #), then both VoodooPad's own search and Spotlight would probably work pretty well.

VoodooPad also exports to iPod, HTML, RTF and plain text.
I put together a small droplet that converts VoodooPads to hyperlinked Palm documents, too, so if you're into any of that stuff, it's very flexible.
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I believe Tiddlywiki supports tags, and is perfect for keeping little notes in one place.
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I've been looking for something like Tiddlywiki for a long time now... Thanks frykitty...
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