Flash players for 3GP files?
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Is there a Flash 3GP player out there?

I have a whole lot of 3GP video files (from my phone) that I would like to publish on the internet. Currently I am using this (is there an opensource / freeware equivalent?) to convert to AVI and offer for download. I like the idea of having a 'player', where visitors can click on thumbnails and have the video load on the site.

If anyone can even point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. (Hell, even if Flash is extensible enough might I be able to write my own player?)
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Wow, I was *just* about to post this very same question. I just tried out YouTube, which does do the flash/3gp thing, though I wish I could email directly from my phone into YouTube. The output on my site is here.

I too am wondering if there is a generic flash video player I could use on my own site and server instead of having to go through YouTube.
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Could you use RealPlayer, embedded in the page? Last time I checked, Real could play 3GPs, and it's pretty widely used.
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Seems to me I've played 3GP's using QuickTime. Not sure if that helps or not.
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I've e-mailed videos from my Treo 650 directly to Blip.tv and TextAmerica, and they posted/played well enough. I haven't tried many of their 'integrate into your own site/blog' tools, though.
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AFAIK, the files coming off of YouTube are Flash's proprietary FLV format. If they're offering 3GP downloads separately, they must be doing server side transcoding from the source format to both FLV and 3GP. The default file association on my machine for .3GP files is, as pzarquon said, QuickTime 7.
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