Backup versus iPhoto. Who will triumph?
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Mac Help Req'd! Trouble with iPhoto and Backup 3.

I have many years of digital photos stored and organized in iPhoto, and backed up with Backup 3. Today, I tried to restore those backups onto a new computer and it didn't work nearly as well as expected.

My iPhoto libary says "No photos", and all the custom albums are gone. However, if I look under the iPhoto Library directory, I can see that all the photos and Album directories are actually there.

How do I get iPhoto to recognize that it has lots of photos and albums again?
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Response by poster: As for how I'm restoring, I'm opening an iLife FullBackup file with Backup3, choosing Restore, checking iPhoto Library, and then watching it claim that it successfully restore everything. (then discovering that iPhoto still doesn't know anything about my photos, albums, or tags.)
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