What was this patch?
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A woman on my bus had an inorganic patch thing on her arm. What was it?

This...thing was, like, a next-level smoking patch. It wasn't flat or discreet--it was big and 3D. I only got a glimpse for a few seconds, but I'll describe it as best I can.

The patch thing itself was a rectangular container. Perhaps 1.5" wide and 2" long, but coming down to a tapered point off the bottom kind of like the shape of a urinal. (It's possible the tapered point was shaped to fit some kind of coupler, but I didn't get a close enough look.) I would estimate this container was about 1/3 to 1/2 inch deep, so definitely not some low-profile thing.

It was white, and appeared to be made of plastic thin enough to be a bit translucent. It looked like there were colorful balls of things inside the container that looked blue and pink.

I am aware of the chemo patch and while it sort of looked like this in size and approximate design, it also definitely did not look like this.

She had it placed on the tricep area of her left arm.

As this woman was very young (mid 20s) and dressed super primly this patch didn't immediately suggest medical device to me, so my interest was piqued.
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sounds like an insulin pump
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Omnipod Insulin Pump?
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Ooh, an insulin pump seems very likely, but none of the images on google look quite right. The tapered end was on the bottom and was much more exaggerated, coming to something almost like a spigot in shape.
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The placement on her body is exactly where a wireless insulin pump would go, FWIW.
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Was it this, maybe? This drug is given to women going through chemo for breast cancer to counteract some of the side effects. Many more young, healthy-looking women than you'd think are going through treatment for breast cancer.
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There are newer insulin pumps now that come with continuous glucose monitor. There are several different brands so it might not look exactly like that, but the concept is the same.
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I've worked on drug trials that involved a patch that was a self-contained battery and computer system for monitoring various things, biological signs but also movement, etc. Whatever you can think of. Some even paired with internal implants.
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Freestyle Libre, perhaps? A continuous glucose monitor, as mentioned above, which sounds like it might fit the description.
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Based on your description it sounds like a Neulasta OnPro
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OK. on review I see that you had already linked to it.
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