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can I have your very best crush music for when you're zoning out on the train to work, thinking about them?

I tend to listen to lots of pop punk and mountain goats and stuff in that neighborhood so that's especially appreciated but I really want anything that will send my stomach flutters aflutterin.
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Secondhand Seranade - Fall for You
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I love Selena Gomez's Bad Liar for this!
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I wanna be with you by Winfield Parker!
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Ooh! Got a couple more!

Edwin McCain - I’ll be

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
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To Make You Feel My Love--Adele

Lost in the Light--Bahamas

You Don't Know Me--Jann Arden (if it's a secret crush)
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Easy. Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell.
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Bonnie Raitt- Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

I Touch Myself

Fade Into You Mazzy Starr
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Or if it’s a hopeless crush..,

A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover

Adele - Someone Like You
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This is super freaking obscure, but Kiss Me Now is one of my very favorite crush-with-tension songs.
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I think the lyrics could be interpreted as either crushing or missing an ex...but I've always found Massive Attack's Unfinished Sympathy to get my heart racing.

Oh and Mint Royale - Don't Falter is such a classic!
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”It’s You” by PJ Harvey is an amazing and dark song about new obsession, if that counts.
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"Crush" by Jennifer Paige
"I Really Like You" and "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
Yeah, my tastes are bubblegum.
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Bombadil-- A Question sends me RIGHT BACK.
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#1 Crush, by Garbage, of course.
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Lucky, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
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"I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms," by the Modern Lovers

"Futuristic Lover," by Melody Dog

"Hey! How Does Everybody Know," by Arthur Russell

and in a different style, "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real," by Sylvester
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The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers and When My Boy Walks Down the Street
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While I'm reading this Brass In Pocket by The Pretenders happens to be playing - so ...that.

(BBC Radio Scotland has an interesting viewer request program called "Get it on" - each day it features songs which have a particular theme - here is the playlist from a few weeks ago when the theme was "crushes")
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Why Can't I - Liz Phair
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I'm a sappy boy, so Such Great Heights (Iron & Wine version).
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Came in to say #1 Crush but SamanthaK beat me to it, so have A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton instead.
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Punk Boy - Ash
I want you - Dylan
" " - Savage Garden
Picture this - Blondie
Shoop - Salt-n-Pepa
(German) Augenbling - Seeed
You're gorgeous - Baby Bird
Good stuff - Kelis
Good fortune - Polly Harvey
Lovely day - Bill Withers
Live as you dream - Beth Orton
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oh oh also Envy by Ash
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Something About You -- Lucius
Manchester -- Kishi Bashi
Emotions and Math -- Margaret Glaspy
Summertime -- The Mowgli's

When I first met my now-partner, I literally had to sit down and make myself a playlist of sappy crush songs to help contain myself, so...I feel you!
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Oh man, I've been here. When I was crushing hard in the distant past, I found Richard Marx by complete accident-- my brother had an old song of his so I looked up his recent stuff, and it hit a note for me. His songs basically saw me through the stages of Crush > Love > Breakup > Heartbreak, lol.

These were my quintessential crush songs, I listened to them hundreds of times back in the day:
Richard Marx - In This All Alone

and; Richard Marx - Part of Me

Here are some others on my crush playlist (mostly bouncy pop and classic rock).
Olly Murs - Ready For Love
Olly Murs - Oh My Goodness
Olly Murs - Please Don't Let Me Go
Bruno Mars - All About You
Vertical Horizon - Won't Go Away
Richard Marx - When November Falls
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David Gray - Please Forgive Me is essential listening for this mood
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Jumping on the Ash train: Oh Yeah (*swoon*)

I associate all of Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister with major crushing, but that might just be me. They aren't conventional crush songs.
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Pure crush:
Long Island by That Dog
I Want You to Want Me Letters to Cleo (cover of Cheap Trick, but the cover is better)
Go Coastal by Velocity Girl
Road Rage by Catatonia
Hot 97 Jam by Chumped
Maybe You Can Owe Me by Architecture in Helsinki

A little less obvious, but they feel crushy to me:
I Hear the Bells by M Doughty
Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware
Late at Night by Buffalo Tom

This was my college radio show bread & butter... and now I'm feeling so very old because most of these songs are all like at least 20 years old. I also feel like most of If You're Feeling Sinister is such a crush album, but that was probably my state of mind when it came out. Also, Tullycraft's City of Subarus, and Trembling Blue Stars' Lips That Taste of Tears.
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Animal Collective - Bluish
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The Cranberries-Dreams!!
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Falling Joys: Lock It
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