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So many cables!!! Is there a product out there that one can wrap such cables as headphones, usb mini cables, ipod cables etc around...???
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Never used them, but these look convenient.
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When it comes to cable organization, everyone seems to wrapping things around the cables rather than the other way around. But I just recently saw these Tetran Cable Winders at ThinkGeek that you can wrap your cables around.

For wrapping things around the cables, there's always your standard Velcro Cable Ties (also available at OfficeDepot/Staples/wherever) and Cable Wraps and Clips.
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Response by poster: the Tetran Cable Winders are best bet so far...for I have a back pack that i carry all my gear:ipods,psp,cell phone accessories, digital cam, etc...the only thing wrond with the cable winders are that they are a bit bulky...any other ideas out there?
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My folks use Turtles.
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Tetrans are cute, but I've had some horrible customer service experiences with ThinkGeek, so I just wanted to get that out there. It looks like is $2 cheaper, too, though I don't know how shipping charges compare.
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Maybe these from The Container Store. They also have these, which look to be like larger Turtles (which they also carry). (NAYY.)
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I've used these purse lock cable ties for computer cable bundling. They are reusable and cheap.
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direct tetran website; however, more expensive than think geek.
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Actually i found the above website looking for the cableyoyo, which I finally found after looking around for like 10 minutes. I feel ridiculously proud of this.
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A much cheaper alternative to the velcro cable ties is velcro plant ties. They're $3 for a 30' roll at the hardware store, and you can cut them to whatever length you need. The main downside is that they're a very untechy light green color.
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