Any recommendations of locks for HDTV and iMac?
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Can anyone recommend a good lock (Kensington-style) for my Apple iMac and new LCD TV?

We are vacating our apartment in a few weeks, and I'm sure our terrible landlord will give a key to our place to half the real estate brokers in Cambridge, and lord knows how many strangers will be traipsing through our apartment. Since I just invested several thousand dollars in an iMac and a Samsung LCD HDTV, I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a lock I could buy for either one, to give me piece of mind.

The Samsung TV has a slot for a Kensington lock, but upon perusal of Google, could not find a specific Kensington lock designed for LCD TVs.

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In my experience, if a device says it has a Kensington slot, it will work with the plain old Kensington MicroSaver locks without a problem. The iMac will definitely work with one of those, so if your TV's slot looks similar, you're good to go.
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Duh. Of course. Didn't realize there was a Kensington slot on my iMac. How easy.
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If you have a computer sitting there, you might want to consider hooking up a webcam and running some video capture software that only captures during motion. Then if things are stolen, you know who did it and when.

And don't forget the old chess piece behind the door trick... :-)

If you're in Cambridge, ON if you capture the landlord letting random people in the apartment, you can show the footage to the police, who will then let you change/install your own lock (I've known tenants who've done this).
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I disrecommend the Kensington combination locks which can be a bit 'forgetful'. Which means you have to try all 10,000 combinations before you can open them.

Doubly problematic, trying al 10,000 combinations doesn't take very long.
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You maybe only interested in trivial security in which case those laptop security slot locks are OK. If you interested in real security for your systems something like Tryten locks are vastly more secure.
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