What is the highest memory capacity of USB flash drive available in the market?
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What is the highest memory storage capacity for USB portable Flash drive in the market right now?

I heard that the highest right now is 64GB by BUSlink, but I am not sure if there are any higher.
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The next size progression would be 128GB and there isn't mention of one so that BUSlink 64GB does appear to be the largest.
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Best answer: I am under the impression that the BUSlink 64GB one is the largest currently available. I can't seem to find a source saying so. Engadget said this was the largest, but that was in 2006.
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For $3,999 you can get a 128GB SSD. You'll need to furnish your own SATA->USB connection, but that's the trivial part.
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Does it need to be flash? I mean, the largest external USB hard drive I could find on newegg was Six Terabytes. here is some info about a 128 gb USB flash drive you can wholesale from china, this one says it supports 1-256GB.
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