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I have a ton of makeup. I like getting inspiration to figure out my 'look' for the day and challenge me to go slightly out of my comfort zone. I currently follow and am obsessed with Katie Jane Hughes. For me she hits that sweet spot between aspirational but achievable. Do you know of other accounts I should follow?

I've been browsing for a while and it's really hard! I've already looked at the "Other people to follow" function under Katie Jane Hughes' account. The only one that's close to a similar style I like is violette but even though I really like her YouTube, her instagram account is too full of other "stuff" I'm not interested in.

Other considerations:
- It'd be great if they were East Asian (ie Japanese/Korean/Chinese) and/or mid-thirties
- I would prefer a personal account and not an aggregating 'inspo' account. If they are an aggregator, they need to follow good crediting practices.
- Not too much 'lifestyle' posts, I would like them to focus on makeup.

I am *not* interested in:
- What I describe as the Huda Kattan type aesthetic. It's just not my look. Unfortunately this seems to rule out a large group of makeup accounts, which led me to posting this question.
- Fantasy/artistry makeup. I follow and love Queen of Luna but that doesn't fulfill the 'realistic inspiration' desire I currently have. I want makeup I can wear to the office (in a creative industry so I have room to push things but I can't wear yellow contact lenses and fake blood).
- Absolutely NO clickbait crap or flogging logo tshirts, but they can have sponsored posts if they seem genuine about their recommendation.
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I don't wear makeup at all ever so take this with a grain of salt, but Tina Yong and Tati Westbrook both have very watchable "normal" makeup-focused youtube channels and instagrams.
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Tati is a bit too glam for my taste but Tina Yong looks promising thanks!
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Maybe Lisa Eldridge; she's a professional makeup artist and has good YouTube videos.
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Kat and Hailey from Beauty News, Bobbi Brown's Hannah Martin, more skincare than makeup but love Nia Patten, MAC's Cher Webb.
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Celine Bernaerts
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You might also try digging through these Reddit threads, which have a lot more links to makeup inspiration (mostly non-Instaglam style) on Instagram.

What are you inspired by lately?
Who is your favorite MUA on Instagram?
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I'm not sure about 30s, but if you're looking for East Asian MUAs along the styles you mentioned above where it's mature, but glam, but not like all overdrawn lips and whatnot, these are a few of my favorites. I like them because they do a good job of being make up artists who show technique and also easily juggle doing what's popular in Asia (well, mainly Korea), and other styles of make up:

- Pony (probably might've seen her for her Taylor Swift transformation, but she does a lot of aspirational but attainable glam styles besides that). Mostly subtitled in English.
- Leesu Blooming (though she sometimes does some more fantastical stuff too if you follow her series on Youtube where she's done mermaid or vampire inspired looks, but she also does a lot of Get Ready With Me videos and everyday friendly themed stuff too). I can't remember if her stuff is subtitled in English or not... maybe.
- Risabae (she also is fun to watch if you watch her on Youtube, with various challenges like doing make up like comic book characters and whatnot or transforming into Kylie Jenner, etc., but she also does a lot of basic tutorials and also explains techniques and whatnot in depth and answers her live audience's questions [like monolids, or unruly thick eyebrows, contouring low nose bridges, etc.]). Last I checked she did have several videos that are English subbed (she'll usually mark them). There might be more now.
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How about workingwithmonolids? Focus on eye makeup but I'd say less than half of the photos are actual tutorials.
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I'm a huge fan of meicrosoft. She's edgy but mostly wearable - and the more experimental stuff is still really fun.
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