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Where can I find colorful, whimsical socks that will make me happy every time I look at my feet?

I recently bought some socks on a whim at the checkout line at a shoe store— they feature little boats, little anchors, and best of all, little cats with jaunty little sailor hats on their furry little heads. Wearing these socks makes me almost irrationally happy (may have something to do with the stressful times we live in, but I’ll take my comforts any way I can get them).
So—where can I find more cute, whimsical, comfortable socks? My feet thank you in advance.
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John's Crazy Socks! Check out the "about us" section-- seems like a cool company.
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I immediately thought of Happy Socks.
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Sock It To Me! They have a lot more in their knee-high sock section than they do in the crew sock section, though, so it may depend on what you're looking for. (But knee socks are great!)
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TeeTurtle has a small but extremely cute collection of socks. I wear their unicorn socks when I want to cheer myself. My partner has a great pair of sloth socks but it seems maybe they're not carrying those anymore.
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Response by poster: YOU GUYS!!!
These links are AMAZING!
(But please keep the suggestions coming. I love this place!)
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Seconding Sock It To Me! I am going into my third year with the socks I ordered from them and they're still in great shape. And when I did my original order someone over there SENT ME A CUTE DRAWING ON MY INVOICE. Seriously.
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Also there's Stance. Not so much whimsical, but if you just decide you never want to wear a plain pair of socks but some days aren't right for cats or rainbows or whatever. (They have a subscription model that's more modestly priced. It may be that that's how they're unloading last quarter's styles or whatever, but the quality is very high.)
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Yep, sock it to me.They are amazing.
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I have been happy with my socks from Sock It To Me, Stance, and Blue Q. Sockdreams carries all of these brands.

If you want something in a lighter dressy-stockingy fabric, try Strathcona. They're pricey but they're surprisingly durable - mine are almost two years old and I wash them with the rest of my clothes and they still look like new.

Old Navy sometimes carries whimsical socks; the quality is okay but not as good as the above brands. Do not get novelty socks from Forever 21 because they shrink to the point of unwearability (and they've been known to steal designs).
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!!yesss stance socks are amazing
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It's February, so your timing is off, but if you make it known that you like zany socks, you are likely to get them for Christmas. for the rest of your life. My sister sent a pack of multicolored socks that I do not love, individually. So I wear them mixed up and I like that a lot. I find good, bright socks in 3 packs at Marshalls/ TJMaxx, and wear them mixed up.
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I've never been anywhere as obsessed with socks as Seoul. The real answer to this question is to go to Korea - a land where everyone has underfloor heating and where no one wears shoes in the house. Seriously, it's sock heaven, and it's almost impossible to spend more than a few dollars a pair. Gmarket is a good place to start.
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Oh I forgot about my Korean socks! I second them. I love them! They're so cheap and they fit really snug. I picked up so many when I was in Seoul. They have them all over the place for like $1 a pair. I restocked from Ebay.
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I love Sock it to me, mentioned above. I also love Ozone Socks, though they're pricier. They typically have a couple of 50% off sales each year, and I try to buy then, so it's worth being on their email list. If you have wider calves, some of their designs are not as stretchy as Sock it to me, which I find very accommodating.
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I love Sock Dreams and they're my first choice, but if you have a sock-based emergency and need some whimsy right now, I've found Target has a surprisingly good silly-sock and patterned-sock selection.
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California Sock Company. I'm lucky enough to live in Pacific Beach, San Diego, and I can't tell you how many times my boyfriend and I have grabbed a few drinks at a bar nearby and then gone sock shopping for each other here (as you do when in PB.) It's like a Disneyland for socks - and they have Stance!

Joy of Socks is also good.
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I've shopped at a few of the places mentioned above. I'd also add Foot Cardigan to the list.

If you're in NorCal, the SockShop has locations in SF and Santa Cruz.
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Response by poster: The corpse in the library --"if you have a sock-based emergency"
This may be the best phrase I've heard all day!
Thanks to all who responded--I've got a lot of sock shopping ahead!
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Hot Sox has a variety of fun designs at an affordable price point. Mine have held up just fine -- I'd say they're good although not top quality.
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My tuxedo cat socks from CuteDose never fail to make me smile!
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Fun dog socks can be found at!
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One of my bestest friends has sent me a couple pair from Notes to Self. I'm irrationally happy when I wear them.
posted by The Almighty Mommy Goddess at 12:57 PM on March 1, 2018 has fun socks from time to time, like this 3-pack and this 6-pack. (Meh is a daily deal site where they offer a low price on some random thing or other; take a look at whatever they're selling today to get a general idea of the discount.) I've gotten some pretty great socks from these deals.

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Nthing Sock Dreams and Sock It To Me. If you're ever in San Francisco/Santa Cruz/Carmel, check out Sockshop -- seems like they don't sell online, alas, but they have an awesome selection of whimsical socks that only partially overlaps with Sock Dreams.
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Response by poster: Sock Update—I ended up placing an order with Sock It To Me and received my socks today, and I LOVE them! I got four pairs—dogs, dolphins, mushrooms, and cooking utensils. SO CUTE! And a bonus—got a hand drawn picture of a dog on my packing slip PLUS a Saved By The Bell trading card. What’s not to like?
I will also probably try a couple of other companies as well. My feet are happy—thanks everybody!
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