Please save me from my alarm!
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For days, at 6AM an alarm has been going off on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I did not set this alarm and it does not show up in my list of alarms. The music it plays when going off is not an alert I've ever heard on my phone before. The bottom of the screen says "powered by the Weather Channel," but I do not have The Weather Channel app. I have restarted my phone to no avail. Please, PLEASE help me disable this alarm. Right now, all I can do is turn it off when it goes off every 6AM.

Here is an imgur album showing both alarms - the top one is the fake alarm that goes off at 6AM daily, and the bottom one is what it looks like when my normal alarm goes off: You can see that they aren't even in the same app. I have never downloaded a third party alarm/clock app, and just use the one that came with the phone.

I hope I've included all necessary information but please bombard me with questions if I haven't. I will do anything to stop this alarm!!!
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Sorry, here is the imgur link:
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The "fake" alarm looks exactly like the standard/default alarm on my Samsung S7. I've not seen one like the "real" alarm on my phone, weirdly. I don't have any third party clocks etc either. Sorry this doesn't help address the issue but just thought it would be useful info.
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Looks like other people have had a similar issue though. Mentioned in that link are clearing the cache of the clock app, and checking the calendar app(s) for recurring alarms/appointments.
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The Weather Channel and Samsung collaborated on some apps, if memory serves, and I think that this is a "feature" to help wake you up earlier if they think that you're going to need more time to get to work. Has it been raining near you the last few days? I'd check to see if there's some sort of smart wakeup setting or anything like that.
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Bixby may be the culpret as well.
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I was able to fix this on my Galaxy S6 by deactivating the Peel app that came pre-installed (and couldn't be uninstalled).
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Your mobile carrier may be able to assist. On my android phone, I can look at recent apps with the overview* button, and see a cascade of apps, with their names. That may help identify the culprit.

*and now I know what that button is called.
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EndsOfInvention gave me a real clue as to what was going on here, and I was able to figure it out! I went into my apps and searched for the word "clock." Would you believe that TWO stock clock apps came up? One is the Android/Google clock, and one is the Samsung clock. I had been using one, but somehow that delightful 6AM alarm was set on the other one, without me even knowing the alternate clock existed or how to access it. I've turned it off now, and can't wait to sleep past 6 tomorrow!!!
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For future reference, most reasonable clock apps set a notification shortly before the alarm actually sounds (the stock Android alarm starts showing a notification an hour before any alarms) and while it is going off. If you tap that notification, it will open the specific app that generated it.

On recentish versions of Android there is also a notification log in the settings that should show you a list of all the notifications displayed in the past few days, along with the app's name and icon. It seems that very lately the only way to show it is to add a "settings" home screen widget, whereupon you will get the choice of which setting you want it to quick launch. Notification log is one of those options.

All kinds of quick settings changes are doable that way, so there are other advantages to learning how the settings widget works. ;)
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If your Android device didn't come from Google or Motorola, it's highly probable that the default clock app is one that is specific to the manufacturer of the device, not the app Google makes. If you transferred your apps & settings from another device when you set up the one you have, it's possible that the Google Clock came along with it, giving you two clock apps.
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