These shoes are made for me find them!
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What is the best pair of shoes that you've used for all-season walking? I walk about 1.5 miles each way for work. I live in Milwaukee, so I'm interested in shoes that can handle the elements, but are also comfortable and can take a beating. Thanks!
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I'm a huge fan of The Walking Company. Their store brand (Abeo) uses orthotics as a base for every shoe they make, sandals included. I have some Abeo sandals that are more comfortable than some of my tennis shoes for walking. They're not cheap (price point is about $160), but they last a long time ...and I am someone who puts shoes through the wringer.

You asked about the elements, and they make really great boots too. They often come in narrow and wide sizes. I rarely find a shoe that doesn't fit me well, and I have multiple foot problems. I've had good luck trying on shoes in store and then finding them on clearance on their website in the exact size and width I need. Their end-of-season blowout sales are good, too. Often half off in-store or online.

If you're looking for a sneaker-type shoe, I really love New Balance. I just bought their Fresh Foam 1080's and they are fantastic; they even fit my orthotic which is great.
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Rockport walking shoes. Not sneaker type. Sturdy and great.
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I have a similar commute in Cambridge. In decent weather, I wear a pair of Rockport walking shoes, which have been fantastic. In poor weather, I have a pair of LL Bean hiking boots, which I pretty much wear whenever it's below 40F. Those were about $200, but they've survived two years in Cambridge, walking ~20-25 miles/week.
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Best answer: I've been wearing Merrell Moab walking shoes for about a dozen years. Link goes to the waterproof version.
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I will never stop singing the praises of Vivo Barefoot shoes: I have a similar walking commute and I swear by these in the winter (on super sale rn!) and these in the summer. The boots in particular are the warmest, dryest, most comfortable pair of footwear I've ever had, walking through weeks of negative temperatures and months of rain/snow/slush. They can be pricy but mine have lasted for two years of daily wear, plus they have a 100 day trial.
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I wear a pair of Columbia trail runners. They are light like running shoes but waterproof and have a good grip. In the summer they can get a bit warm though.
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