Earring Symbol/Shape/Design Identification
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These are my favorite earrings. I have never seen another pair like them. I live in fear I will lose one, and be forever heartbroken. Help me find a backup pair?

I got them from a vendor at the Sunset Junction Street Festival in 2005. I have no record of who the vendor was. I've been to local festivals since then, googled every which way I can think of, and even been to bead, jewelry and design shows looking for them. Maybe one of you lovely people can help me?
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They look like plum blossoms to me - you might be able to get them copied exactly by an Etsy vendor, but in the meantime, these seem quite close.
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This looks Indian to me. I don't see the exact pair but I've seen similar in shops that sell Indian jewelry. For example.
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They have a vaguely Celtic look to them, maybe--something between a spiral and a knot? This isn't quite right, but it's in the right direction, maybe? Same flavor? Or these? Studs, not dangles, and way more ornate, but these seem reminiscent? Or, going in another direction, maybe these?
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Seconding going on Etsy to have someone who casts silver jewelry make you a pair. It's not a complicated design, so I'm sure someone can make a reasonable copy.
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Any local jeweler should be able to clone them. You'll just have figure out if it can be done for a price you're willing to pay.
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They look like they're done with PMC (precious metal clay), with the circles on the petals stamped in. This makes them most likely a one-off by some local artisan jeweler. However, the thai silver sellers have a bunch that have the same feel. Try googling "flower silver earrings thai" or "flower silver charms thai" (charms are just a flower with a loop, easily attached to an ear wire).





I used to have a pair kind of like that but they're gone now, so I sympathize. They would be easy to make though, if you know anybody who does any amateur jewelry making - PMC is the ticket.
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Similar, from Etsy
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If you're at all crafty, you could make a mold now in case you lose one later.
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