A bouquet of cauliflowers?
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I seem to have loads of brassica plants (cauliflower?) cropping up in my flowerbeds. I've sprinkled various mixed flower seed but no veg! They maybe are from previous tenants? (My first summer in this house). They are taking over but I'm reluctant to pull them up in case they are actually from my flower seeds! Gardeners of MeFi, can these be anything else or do you think they are definitely veg?
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Lots of common weeds are brassicas. That's what that looks like to me.
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Where are you? There are several cruciferous weed species, such as wild mustard or charlock. Depending on where you live, it could be one of them.
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Response by poster: I'm in the UK- southeast
(And thank you to those who helped with my rubbish link)
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Best answer: I'm betting on volunteer oilseed rape (rapeseed). We see it pop up on road verges, on roundabouts, and even in our garden (NORTHANTS).
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Response by poster: Emperor SnooKloze that looks just like it! Apparently it comes in birdseed so probably blew from the feeder...
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Just pointing out that rape is very good bee forage. . .
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