Blurred Jazz Photography
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Photography question: an article in Spin in the 80s discussed a French photographer's blurred pictures of jazz musicians in motion. Very similar to Charles Peterson's photos. I wrote to the gallery then, but I have no idea who it was now. Any clues to who this was? My Spin collection has long been sold to Half-Priced Books.
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Long shot - was it Lisette Model?

The link goes to an example of her 'Jazz' series, of which there are over 800 images. They're rarely seen, however, and not as well known as some of her other work. A Google image search for 'lisette model jazz' should give you some other examples.
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Another long shot: Henri Cartier-Bresson? He's my favorite French photographer, and he's renowned for capturing just the right moment. Google images doesn't turn up any photos he took up jazz musicians, but that could just mean that my Google-fu is weak today.
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I was going to suggest Lisette Model as well, but hers aren't really "blurred." hmm. Gottlieb wasn't French, nor was Claxton. Guy Le Querrec, maybe?

nice username!
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(some of guy's photos)
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Nooo... thanks, but that's not it. I suppose this will have to wait until I find the motherlode of Spin's from the 80s.
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Could you describe the photos a bit more if possible, including specific subjects, locations, etc.
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Thanks shoepal, my google-fu is weak since I'm in Nepal at the narrowest end of a bandwith well you can possible imagine.

If I recollect correctly, the photographer filmed in color in jazz clubs in Paris (maybe the rest of Europe). Subjects would be caught in motion, so the photographs might resemble some of William Klein's work or so-called trash photography. My technical vocabulary in photography is nil, obviously. A longish exposure I would assume produce this effect, although in low-light conditions (i.e. a night club), I have no idea.

Thanks again.
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AArtaud, I haven't given up. In fact, your question is driving me nuts. I've got some emails in to folks who might have a better idea of the photographer responsible. I'll keep you posted.
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