Ou est le jazz?
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FrenchJazzFilter: I'm looking for some soft, sultry french jazz (vocal) music.

Something like Diana Krall in french. Do you know any albums or artists that would quench my thirst?
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If you can find anything by Juliette Greco, you'd probably like her. You might also like Patricia Kaas or Liane Foly.
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Charles Biddle's daughter Stephanie is a Canadian singer with a terrific voice who often sings in French.
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Madeleine Peyroux
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You might like some of Carla Bruni. None of Krall's accomplished piano accompaniament, and not particularly jazz, in fact. But the vocals may be what you're looking for: soft and smoky.

Her album has samples on the iTunes store. I'm partial to the tracks J'en Connais, Chanson Triste, and L'excessive.
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Might be worth checking out Paris Combo. They might be more high-speed than you're looking for -- they're a little more 30s/Django Reinhardt jazz most of the time -- but they have a nice, round sound that makes them seem more sultry than they might otherwise.
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Seconded: Madeleine Peyroux is exactly who you're looking for.
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Ute Lemper? I know she sings some French, but I don't know how much compared to German.
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Is a male vocalist OK?
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Duo Royale above are wonderful
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Coralie Clément (who is Benjamin Biolay's sister).
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Try these two "Cafe de Flore" compilations.
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This blog might give you some more possibilities.
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Carla Bruni is soooooo great: that whole album is perfection
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i would third Madeleine Peyroux, but she's American and sings in english.
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Carla Bruni and Keren Ann are both excellent suggestions
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Actually several of her songs are sung in French at least one song from each album

And the only requirement is that the songs are sung in French: I think the singer can be from anywhere

Being that Jazz is mostly considered to be an American invention maybe you can just let that one slide
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Thanks for the answers everyone. I marked 'Carla Bruni' as a best answer, even though I've already got her album. I wish she'd make another one.

I've noticed a lot of the suggest music sounds like french versions of James Bond themes, which is ok, but if you've got more suggestions for slow sultry jazz, don't stop!
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I had a hard time to remember her name, since she's not really preminent in the medias and I haven't listened to her music for a while. But to me, she's great and has an original voice : elisabeth caumont.
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