Cheap and warm Presidents Day trip
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What's the cheapest warm place we could visit from Seattle over Presidents Day weekend (Thurs - Tues)?

I have Alaska MVP status, tons of Alaska miles, some miles on various other airlines.
This would also involve an elementary aged child.

I just want to feel warm and not spend a lot of money. Would not be opposed to having an airbnb and cooking mostly at home.
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Kayak Explore is showing a $175 fare to LAX and a $217 fare to Dallas, both on Alaska. Frontier flies those routes, but avoid them as they charge for carry on luggage.
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San Diego is usually in the 60s and 70s at this time of year, and you should be able to get there on Alaska miles from Seattle.
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Kayak Explore is showing a $175 fare to LAX and a $217 fare to Dallas, both on Alaska

I love Dallas. Dallas is not where you want to go to count on warmth in February. It might be really nice. It might also be 15 degrees. I've seen both in the same week in Dallas. I was just there a couple days ago and they were having the same freezing cold weather we are now. :/
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I'm seeing a $266 flight to Ft. Myers, Florida on Frontier. Not my favorite place in FL, but decent beaches nearby and probably cheap rentals.
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How warm do you need to be? Palm Springs is at least in the 70s in February.
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It costs more to fly to Phoenix or Tucson than to fly to southern California, but if you have enough miles, maybe the cost of lodging once you're there is more important. Staying in Arizona should be a lot cheaper than staying in California. And it would be cool to be able to show your kid the desert. Daytime temperatures should be in the 60's or 70's, very pleasant.
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Alaska is having a sale (ends tonight) to west coast North American and Hawaiian destinations. Lots of warm places. Check out their Flight Deals page and go for whatever fits your budget.
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