Social media for scientific/academic journals - examples
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Do you know of any research journals that have an active, engaging social media presence?

For my job I run social media for a small scientific publication. The topic is super esoteric but applies to a lot of industries. It's very much not of interest to people in their daily lives. We actually have a decent Facebook and Twitter following and a regular posting schedule but the bosses want "more engagement." Also, 95% of our content is behind a paywall so I tend to post only the rare Open Access article. The end goal is to increase citations for papers published with us, and to improve the journal's reputation so that more authors want to publish with us.

Do you have any examples of other scientific or academic journals or publications that do a good job on social media? Any general tips?
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I enjoy following @JCultEcon & @Val_Studies.
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JAMA has an excellent engaging podcast network, particularly the Editors Summary. I think their Twitter is pretty good too.

Health Affairs also does a good job on Twitter.
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Does your journal collect the twitter handle of publishing authors? Many people I follow on twitter self promote recent publications, often times retweeting the journal's tweet about their recent paper.
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I just had an article accepted that will be behind a paywall, and they asked us to write a blog post about it for their official journal blog.

Some authors may not want to bother, but that should help drive hits/cites etc., even fornpaywalled content. The idea is the blog post is a lay summary and impact statement, which is more than most people read before citing a paper anyway.
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I think Development has done a good job with their community blog, The Node. It might be a bit different from what you were thinking of, but they post interesting papers and interviews with authors, people can post job ads or PhD positions, etc.
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HAU journal of ethnographic theory
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