Looking for a guest room sofa bed
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I've had it with the IKEA sofa bed in our guest room because the hinged frame makes it awkward to move, and the high back blocks the window. I'm looking for a small, reasonably comfortable sofa bed to take its place.


* Under $250 including shipping
* Black or grey fabric (not faux leather)
* Sleeps one person
* Reasonably comfortable to sleep and sit on
* Low back (30" or so)
* Small and light enough to get up a narrow flight of stairs
* Durable enough for years of occasional use

Do you have a sofa bed like this that you can recommend? Thanks!
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i have an ikea balkarp. it's a good bed for one, or two people who don't mind sleeping kind of close. it's really easy to raise and lower, and doesn't come up very high - though i don't know if it's higher than 30". two ordinary not-particularly-strong people got it up a VERY narrow flight of stairs - essentially a spiral staircase. and it comes in grey.
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Oops. never mind. I should've read your whole post before replying. This one is way over your budget. Sorry. I'm leaving it here in case someone else comes along looking for something similar.

We just bought 2 twin-sized sleeper chairs from a chain called Furniture Row. This is the model we got, but it comes in 2 other styles (mainly what the arms and back look like) and different sizes: King, Full, Twin. Choice of memory foam or spring mattress. We went with the memory foam. Cost=$900

It's actually comfortable to sit on when closed, which is unusual in my experience with these things.

It doesn't come in pieces like IKEA stuff does, but is delivered fully assembled.
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It's slightly above your price range, but we recently got the IKEA Erska sleeper sofa and have been very pleased with it. It's comfortable as a sofa, converts very easily for sleeping, and is surprisingly good as a bed.
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