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I have a couch (sofa) I love. It is, however, more than 10 years old and falling apart. Help me find a new one that shares its perfect qualities.

I'm looking to replace my much beloved, but very worn out couch. I love it so much that I've looked into having it reupholstered, but the frame is bent, so that's not possible. So I'm basically looking for a replica couch. The company that made it is out of business now, and I can't seem to find anything else that has all the qualities I love about it.

-Size: it's basically the same footprint as a twin bed. Which means it's long enough for (tall) me to sleep on, and deep enough to really snuggle into. Most of the couches I've found are not anywhere near this deep.

-The back and arms are the same height, and are a flat surface. Most sofas seem to have arms that are lower than the back. The ones that have the arms as high as the back, the arms are all puffy or curved. I want the flat arms like in the first photo I linked to, but the uniform height of the second photo.

-Loose cushions. I want loose cushions on both the back and the seat, with removable slipcovers. I have allergies, and I want to be able to clean it really well.

-All fabric, all one solid color. I'm specifically looking for dark gray, not brown or tan. Definitely no leather, and no patterns, on any part of the piece.

-Really comfy. The bottom line is that I want something that is going to be really comfortable for lounging and napping and the occasional overnight guest.

-The one I have now is a pull-out sofabed. That's not required, but would be a nice plus. Or a chaise/ottoman sort of thing to give some extra room.

I've found lots of sofas that have 3 or 4 of these characteristics, but none that meet all of the criteria. I want a modern look with relatively clean, straight lines, not tufted or a Chesterfield or anything fancy like that. I love the look of places like Design Within Reach, but they don't have what I'm looking for and are way out of my price range. I'm looking to pay around $1000, no more than $2000 (and for that much, it would really have to be something that will hold up for decades).

If anyone can find my magical perfect sofa, I will love you forever!
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Response by poster: I should add, when I say I want the back and arms to be the same height, I want them to be high, so that when you lean back, you're leaning against the back of the sofa, rather than having to prop up pillows behind your head against the wall to get a good position for reading.
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Check out Joybird furniture. I ordered my perfect chaise after years of searching for it from there and am so happy with it. Great quality, great prices, great customer service.

It looks like they have a few models that meet your requirements.
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I know it's far too expensive, but so we're clear on shape, is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
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It's possible to have custom couches made. I'm not sure if it's possible in the price range you outlined (I've had one made, but it was higher end). Worth looking into at least.
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Response by poster: I think this is the shape I'm looking for, but the size is wrong, and it doesn't have loose pillows and it has tufted cushions. Like I said, easy to find 3-4 of the criteria, so far impossible to find them all.
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Response by poster: The Bellman, I want the arms to extend the full length of the seat, and I want both the arms and the back to be higher than in the example you gave. But those are the right kind of cushions, and the color is gorgeous.
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Response by poster: None of the ones on the Joybird site seem to meet the criteria, brookeb. Did you find one I missed? I love the look, but I'm really looking for something very specific.
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I was going to suggest the Frasier Sleeper Sofa from Joybird. What's the missed criteria there?
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I too was also going to say that the Frasier appears to match all of your criteria.
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Or this from West Elm with some pillows added to it? Bonus on sale for $700 so plenty of budget room left for additional cushions.
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Response by poster: I think the Joybird Frasier is going to be way too narrow. The seating area is only 24" deep. The one I have now is 30" deep, which is a substantial difference.

The West Elm one won't work because I know from experience that dust gets trapped in all those little crevices, and over time it builds up and bothers my allergies. I really need to be able to pull all the covers off and machine wash them every couple of months.
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She wants the back and sides tall enough so that she can sit back and put her head on the sofa. It looks like the Frasier arms/back are only 18 inches high once you're seated.
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Response by poster: For reference, this is my current sofa, and this is what the arm/back looks like.
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I think this one from Room and Board is pretty close. If you look through the pictures and scroll all the way to the right you can see that the arms and back are all the same height. The back pillows are a little higher, but not by a ton. This one also has the same height arms and back and is closer to your budget.
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The loose cushions at the back are sort of out of fashion right this second (but easy enough to replicate with throw pillows from wherever.) Before I have to go, I'm going to toss out the 6' Restoration Hardware Belgian Shelter Arm Slipcover sofa. In the cheapest fabric, I'm getting a price of $2210, which is not $1,000, I realize. They say that even cotton slipcovers should be dry cleaned, not machine laundered, though.
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Here are the closest options I could find on Wayfair.

The Adelaide, the Limelight, the Madison, the Annette, the Istanbul, the Drake, the Rosolini.
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Best answer: To help your search, I think that the term "tuxedo sofa" is used for a couch with arms that are the same height as the back.
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Response by poster: You guys are awesome. Using the term "tuxedo arm" or "shelter arm" (which I got from one of the links) is getting me a ton of options I didn't see before. I have a lot of browsing to do. But if you find something specific that fits all the criteria, that would be awesome.
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FYI - Joybird will customize. So if you see something on there that you'd like if they made a few adjustments, then you should call up customer service and see what they can do.

They will make adjustments to length, height of arms, depth of seat, etc... for a pretty nominal fee. So if the one sticking point on the Fraiser is the depth, you should see what it would cost to make it deeper.
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The classic Ikea Klippan is a tuxedo sofa, it's comfy and cheap. It doesn't have removable cushions, but the whole thing has covers you can take off and wash. You can also buy a new cover if the old one wears out or you get bored of the color. In the US they describe it as a "loveseat" but it would be called a sofa at that size in England.
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I've got the Movie Sofa from CB2 and it is awesome. Not sure if the back/arms are tall enough for you, but they are the same height and the seat is waaaaay deep. Price is right too.
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