Help me find a long-lasting, durable futon sofa-bed.
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I'm looking for the perfect futon (sofa-bed) in the UK (preferably the South East) that will work equally well as a bed or sofa, long-lasting, and easy to convert.

Over 10 years ago I had one almost exactly like this and it served me well for a little over a year as a full-time bed and occasional sofa. I'm thinking of getting something similar again, but I don't really like the metal-frame. I'm hoping to find something more like this or this. What I am not looking for is something like this that requires picking up and folding the mattress and wrestling with the frame. It needs to switch from sofa to bed like the first three: pick up the edge of the seat, give it a tug, ease it down, and it's a bed.

One that unfolds long-way out from the wall (instead of long-way along the wall, like all the favorable pictures above) would be great but I haven't seen anything like that.

I've seen some on websites like the wooden ones pictured above, but as they are all wood (instead of the sprung metal hinges like the first one I had, pictured above) I am worried--will they last with frequent changes between sofa and bed modes? If I wanted a wooden frame, are sprung metal hinges a must?

So...can you recommend a great futon sofa-bed that is
a. easy to convert from sofa to bed and back
b. sturdy enough to be converted a few times per week for up to 2 years
c. as comfortable as these things ever are for up to 2 years
d. is delivered in pieces (to go up narrow, winding stairs)
e. has arms in sofa mode
f. under £500

Anyone have a great futon they'd like to recommend?
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I don't have any specific recommendations for you, but would like to say I've never seen a wooden futon frame with metal hinges, only nylon glides. That doesn't mean they're not out there, though.

For ease of converting it, you might want to look into an auto upright model, where you don't have to lift the back deck, you just push the seat deck in and it swings up. (Hope that makes sense.)

AH, some quick googling reveals this frame, £449, made in London. I'd call them to ask what they mean by oak and steel "fusion".
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I think this one's pretty sharp, and looks like it converts to a bed in the same way as the metal one you link to - just lift and pull. There are lots of other options as well - you're looking for "bi-fold" rather than "tri-fold" futons if you don't want to fool with unfolding the mattress.

There are stores all over, if you want to go have a look and see how durable they seem. I have a desk from them and it's very well-made. They have sales all the time, as well.
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