Help me go green with white goods!
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Can anyone recommend any guidelines or specific household appliances (eg fridge, freezer, washing machine, sofa and bed) that are reasonably environmentally friendly and affordable (in the UK)?

I know Iceland used to sell Kyoto fridges with Greenpeace's blessing but they seem to have disappeared now.
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Best answer: The UK subscribes to EU energy efficiency labelling on household appliances, as described here. You should really only buy stuff at the top end now, that is with an A rating or above (You can get A+ and A++ now as well as the A-G ratings available when the scheme was first introduced). You will probably have seen these ratings previously, they are rainbow coloured arrows on the front of appliances. The page also gives a few other energy saving tips.
It may also interest you to know that houses are also supposed to have energy efficiency ratings in the EU now also. If anyone is buying new build they might consider asking the seller what the rating is.
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Best answer: In general :

A front loading washer uses 1/3 the energy of a top loader. If you pay for water or to heat the water they pay the additional cost back quickly.

A manual defrost fridge or all fridge uses 1/2-1/4 the power of a frost free. Buy the smallest fridge you realistically need. IIRC Kyoto fridges were green because they used non CFC insulation, everyone does this now.

Gas ranges and dryers have less enviromental impact than their electric relatives.
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