Are side-shave styles still cool?
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I am looking for websites that will help me be aware of not just what is currently on trend (hairstyles, makeup, clothing, accessories, etc. ), but more so what trends are likely to popular in future years/seasons. I live in a bit of a style vacuum, so my info has to come from the internet.

- I understand that it is difficult to guess what trends will end up being popular, but at least knowing what the contenders are or what a lot of people are guessing will be popular could help.
- I also have heard that Japanese style is usually a few seasons ahead of north american style. I have no idea whether or not that is true, but I wouldn't be surprised. Therefore, staying aware of what is on trend there could be good.
- The vast majority of my clothing is either thrifted or made myself, so specific brands or designers is less helpful.
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"In style" where? I live in Europe and the States and the hair styles "a la mode" are vastly different

The asymmetrical undercut was everywhere in Europe two years ago. Earlier this year I saw significantly fewer. What a shame.
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Are you trying to get ahead of the curve, or are you trying to make sure that you don't wind up behind it? I mean, undercuts are obviously in style ENOUGH because lots and lots of people have them and continue to get them. It's not like it will look "out of style" in the way of, say, a 1980s Farrah Fawcett feathered style. If someone sniffs "oh that's so last year," in real life in a non-ironic way, they deserve to be laughed out of your immediate vicinity.
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There's plenty of stuff that happens in Japan (or South Korea) that never makes it to the rest of the world. Same for the US. Same for Europe.

To answer your question: I don't believe there's any website that can get this right, all of the time, for every situation. I think your best bet is really to develop your own sense of style, and maybe more importantly - place.

For example, I live in Hawaii. Just due to weather, people wear things here that would be plainly inappropriate in many other parts of the world. Like, would hot pants be OK for the opera? You wouldn't think so, but women will get away with it, here. The same will be true for wherever you are. FWIW, I regularly bump into plenty of Japanese tourists wearing on-trend vacation clothing, and while they generally look very well put together, they mainly come off as either insensitive or clueless about local customs, or just Japanese - all of which is fine, considering the circumstances.
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Sites like Hel Looks pitch themselves as something like dictionaries of regional "street style." It has an editorial aspect, as all sites or resources about this stuff do, so it's good to hear what everyone above has said. A part of this sort of looking forward to fashionable trends is, in some way, finding examples you like and participating in them. The way you mix and match the things you like becomes your own personal style. And it's fun and interesting to look at pictures of people in local dress, so street style sites are brilliant to look through!
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Bear in mind that some of the 'style' shifts also reveal aesthetic shifts that are helpful.

More than one woman I know, including me and my kid, have undercuts and side-shaves because it allows us to have longer hair without huge amounts of upkeep/headaches from the weight of our hair/the added heat. We all have enough hair to fill respectable ponytails with only the top quadrant of our scalp unshaved, and we've all had this hairstyle for 5+years now.

Similar with leggings - most women I know who wear them lead active lifestyles, or are physically active in their daily lives. As in they are regularly getting on the floor, or climbing things, or have large thighs, so the leggings are a comfort choice as much as aesthetic one. So the lifecycle of them as a style choice is extended because it fills another niche as well.
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