Help me buy a gift! Pittsburgh edition.
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My almost 30-year old brother moved to Pittsburgh this year (maybe last year - can't remember.) He'll be with me for Christmas, and I'd like to get him a gift certificate to something local to him, in the $50 range.

He works at a place called Condado Tacos, and I believe he lives near work. He might be considered a hipster but he's not twee. Tattoos, full beard, likes all kinds of music, loves to go to shows, likes to drink and eat. Bikes everywhere though he does have a car. He's a bartender.

Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Best answer: This looks like a lot of fun and I totally want to do it sometime: A little higher than your price point if you wanted to cover two people, though. But maybe worth it?
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The History Center is within walking distance of his job, so maybe a membership there? We've done some of the member events and it's a nice way to meet people. (Also I just think it's a fun hands on museum.)
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Best answer: A tour and tasting of the Wigle Whisky distillery? (I've gotten people gift certs in the amount equivalent to a tour, so they can pick their own date.)

Is he a mountain or BMX bike enthusiast? You can get him a gift certificate for a couple days at Wheel Mill bike park.
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A $50 gift card to Mister Grooming would cover some nice pampering.

Wigle Whisky tours are also a lot of fun.
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East End Brewing offers gift cards. (Maybe the other local micros do too.)
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I literally just asked a Pittsburgh-native friend of mine a similar question (for a couple with two kids instead of for a single person), and he suggested a gift card to Zone 28. It looks sort of like a Dave & Busters' kind of place with bowling, arcades, etc. and food.
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> likes to drink and eat

Look into Point Brugge Cafe. Good food, good beers.
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Maybe a gift certificate to Venture Outdoors? They have a lot of activities (kayak, hiking) that he could do, and a lot of the hikes end at a craft brewery.

Also the Pittsburgh Glass Center has a series of "make it now" workshops that are one time events, usually within your budget, that are fun. We've done the ornament one and it's in general a fun funky place to hang out.
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full beard? perhaps something from the locally made Lovett Sundries?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the awesome ideas! You all definitely picked up what I was putting down. He's got a birthday coming up soon and we hope to visit next summer, so I dare say he'll be enjoying more than one of these.
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I thought of one more on my way into work, maybe a certificate for his bike? It looks like this place (which I think is close to him based on your mention) does repairs/services: Love Bikes.
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