Sources for miniature sculptures of landscapes?
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Years ago my husband and I were someplace (a museum, maybe) where we learned that it was common for Chinese scholars to keep small sculptures of landscapes (perhaps carved from jade) on their desks to inspire them. Now I'd like to buy one.

We were both pretty taken with this idea, especially my husband, and I have been wanting to get him something like this for years. I'd love sources for purchasing this kind of item, as well as more information on the explanation above, which may be rather shaky on the accuracy front. Google searches have been surprisingly unhelpful (perhaps because I'm getting the details wrong), but this is pretty much what I recall seeing as an example.
To be clear, I'm hoping for something not too precious--new is fine (I'm not in the market for an antique).
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Best answer: They are called scholars' stones or scholars rocks (thanks, Antiques Roadshow). I have seen modern, not super expensive versions for sale in places that also sell Bonsai.
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Looks like Ebay has some... I'm looking at the "similar sponsored items" selection below the expired listing.
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Are you looking specifically for an Asian-style sculpture? If it's open to interpretation, try browsing Etsy and Instagram. I love this Dutch artist's pieces, this guy's bookends might be a stretch. Consider throwing terrarium on your list of search terms as well.
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These are similar, done in resin.
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