Trying to find an Apples to Apples Expansion Pack
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My family has a gift swap coming up, and after a lot of thought, I finally decided that I want to get an expansion pack for Apples to Apples. Most family members own the game, so it would suit almost everyone, and it would be so fun to play with new cards in the mix. However, now that my heart is set on it, I can't find it for a reasonable price! I live in Canada, and only has them for resale at $90, which won't do. Ebay has some options, but shipping from the US or UK costs more than the game itself. I'd want to spend $30 at most. I'm willing to buy online or in person, and I'd be shopping in London, Ontario.

Any of the expansion packs or "snack packs" would do! I'm also considering the 15th Appleversary version (also hard to find here) since it apparently has fresh content. If you have any leads, I'd appreciate your help so very much! Thanks!
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I don't have any good news. The original publisher sold the game to Mattel and has gone out of business. Mattel's website is difficult to navigate for Canada (from a USA IP address) and keeps trying to give me results in the USA.

I would recommend calling the local toy stores. They are most likely to stock these expansion packs, and could be picked up right away.

Good luck.
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401games (very reputable, Toronto-based) has the Anniversary edition for 33.95. Today's the last day for guaranteed-by-Christmas shipping.

You're unlikely to find the original expansions in shops--they were discontinued in 2003, according to sources I found.
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I own the Original Expansion packs #1 and #2. Probably purchased in 2001 (probably at the Wizards of the Coast store in Kendall, FL). Not new, but I honestly haven't really played with them since around that year. MeMail me if you are interested!
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