How do I get gasoline out of my clothes?
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How do I get gasoline out of my clothes?

While I was filling my gas tank last night, I ended up spraying gas all over my jeans and shoes (the pump didn't shut off properly). I used towels to soak up as much gas from my clothes as I could, and when I got home I washed the jeans in the washing machine. But washing didn't seem to make much difference. The jeans still reek nearly as much as they did before I washed them.

Any suggestions?
Hand washing with a lot of detergent?
Air drying until most of the volatiles have evaporated, and then washing again? Hot water? Cold? Something in between?
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Just let it sit out for a couple of days and the gas should evaporate on it's own. In my Experiance.
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Dry clean them. Solvents work better than detergent on gasoline. If you want to go with detergent use one with grease cutters like d-limonene. Lots of them with "Orange" in the brand name include this.
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Fels Naptha Soap, is made from petroleum, does a good job washing aromatics.
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Objection: Asked and answered.
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In my defense, I did an AskMe search with "gasoline" and none of the results that came up had anything to do with clothing.

But thank you for the link to the earlier question.
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ChasFile, you didn't mark a best answer to your question. What worked for you?
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Can I just warn that if there's any gasoline in your clothes, you shouldn't put them in the dryer until you're sure they're could ignite.
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throw them out
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