Do you know a website or magazine that sells "new" vintage clothes?
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Hi, I'm looking for a magazine or website that sells clothes that are new but have an old fashioned look.

I'm familiar with the Vermont Country Store and it sells neat things like old fashioned candy, and has old fashioned nightgowns, etc.

But do you know any others? In our family we are looking for a range of eras. So for instance, my daughter likes colonial and pioneer clothes, so I have purchased clothes from someone on Etsy who sews them for her, and they are new.

But we are also interested in other eras from the 20's through the 70's, even old fahsioned floral/lace pretty clothes that resemble the Regency era, like something that would remind you of the Jane Austen period.

I'm pretty good at researching on Google, but can't seem to find either magazines or companies that cater to a more old fashioned look, or a more unique yesteryear fashion.

We just don't want the clothes used, we like to buy new. Maybe what I'm looking for just can't be found????

Thanks for your help.
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"Established in 1997, Stop Staring! is the leader of original retro chic dresses and separates".

Their clothing is mainly inspired by the 40's and 50's.
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Have you tried Etsy sellers?
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Best answer: ModCloth has a lot of vintage inspired clothing, especially 50s-70s
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Oh, they exist! The search term you probably want is 'reproduction clothing + your location or era'. For example, I get a lot of my 40s/50s style clothing from places in this list here in the UK and they're all modern makes to vintage style. A lot of them stock US brands so you should be able find something in your wheelhouse.

There's also many patterns sold for the regency style clothing etc., which you could either try making or get made for you.
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Shabby Apple

Mod Cloth
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Have you tried ModCloth?
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Nthing Stop Staring and Mod Cloth.

There's also Trashy Diva new versions of 40s & 50s styles.

Regarding new Regency Era clothing, I think your best bet would be Etsy since these styles aren't as popular for everydaywear as more recent eras. There are a ton of sellers who create new dresses in that style.

Agreeing that you'll want to your the word "reproduction" in your search to help you find what you're looking for.
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Yes, your search term is wrong. "Vintage" means clothing that was produced at least 20 (some say 25) years ago. It says nothing about its condition. From your title, I assumed you were looking for unworn pieces that were produced 20+ years ago.

Instead search for "retro", "reproduction", "vintage inspired", "vintage style", "historical clothes" and individual clothing items and eras like "petticoat" or "1940s fashion"

No idea if this shop is any good, but just found this one specializing in clothes from eras passed.
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The classic overpriced vintagey clothing place is J. Peterman. I loved flipping through their (paper) catalogs back when I was in high school, but I've never bought anything.
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Recollections Clothing is mainly 19th century but has some Edwardian stuff and miscellany. I can vouch for their cotton shirts - I got one once and it was nicely made.

You might also want to look for "modest" clothing - some of that is in vintage styles.
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Seconding Shabby Apple and Modcloth for mid-centiry. You may also find things that work for you at Anthropologie, depending.

I'd also look into historical costuming blogs -- most people who are into costuming as a hobby tend to make their stuff, but some do purchase from specialty suppliers.
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Best answer: sells a number of things like this.
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I have bought from both Pin Up Girl and Esther Williams Swimwear and been very happy with both. PUG in particular has lots of sales if you sign up for their emails.
posted by fiercecupcake at 9:22 AM on October 27, 2014 might be surprised at the clothes offered as "steampunk." With the right accessories and combination of clothing, you'd probably avoid the 'punk/techno' components and increase the Victorian-ness.

You might also try "Reproduction clothing" or "reproduction vintage clothing."
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For footwear from different eras, you want American Duchess
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I came in to say JPeterman. Like aimedwander, I have been a huge fan of the catalog for many years. Unlike aimedwander, I have purchased many articles of clothing from them (most often on sale) and they are the clothes I get the most compliments on. The page I linked to for the store is for a dress that I have in three sleeve lengths, each a different color, and people go crazy for it.
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Check out Wild West Mercantile.

For additional googling help: the Regency period is not considered 'vintage'. Actual clothes from that time are considered antiques. Since you want new-made clothing, not antiques, try googling 'regency period reenactment clothing'. Good luck!
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Reproductions: ReMixVintage shoes, Blue Velvet Vintage clothing shop (has repro and vintage - check the section you're in). Maybe shopping for vintage patterns (at Lanetz, or Vogue, or Folkwear, or ebay; here's a resource page for free, historical clothing patterns) and using the services of a local tailor is an option? Perhaps a look at the advertisers in the back of Victoria magazine (years ago there were repro clothing makers there; one of my neighbors ordered a Kinsale-type cloak). Also, previously.
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Unique Vintage
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Best answer: "New old stock" or "NOS" might be a search term of interest for Etsy and eBay? Refers to merchandise that has never been used but which was manufactured some time ago. People buy things, stash them in their closets, change sizes, die; warehouses lose boxes; etc. Unworn vintage is out there, tags still on...
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And, as long as we're on the subject, same question but for men. New clothes in a vintage style. I am particularly enamored with the flecked sports coats from the '40s and '50s. But the material is very heavy. Would love a lighter weight with a more contemporary cut.
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