Mic that plugs into an iPhone S
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I’m recording a video this weekend and I need to get good sound. I’m singing and playing the uke, and I’d like to find a mic that plugs into an iPhone or iPad S. I’d prefer not to get a lavalier Mic (the ukulele could muffle it), and I have a budget of $100 or less (by preferably in the $50 range). Any suggestions?
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I've heard good things about the Blue Snowball, which is in your price range and should work with a lightning->USB adapter.
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Seconding the lightning>usb adapter & usb mic combo. That Blue Snowball is great & lets you switch between full gain (good for talking) and padded (good for music). I own 2 myself among other mics.
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Worth noting some USB microphones require a lot more power than the standard Lightning-to-USB adapter can put out. You should get the Lightning-to-USB 3 adapter, so that you can use the mic and keep a charger cable plugged in at the same time.

I'll also third the Blue Snowball. I've used one for podcasting and other vocal recording, and it's a good deal.
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