My iPhone case protects it from everything DOWNSIDE: Everything includes sound
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iPhone Filter: Bestest external mic for my 3Gs?? BUT, it's in a bulky otter box defender case (Other audio questions as well)

So my iPhone case is quite bulky, and while there is good access to the mic/headphone jack, there is a thick latex flap and thick hard plastic around the hole that might make connection for some of these external Mic Buds I've seen difficult or impossible. I'm afraid they will be loose, cause audio problems or fall out.

Any suggestions?

I want a no battery mounted microphone. I'd like a high quality stereo one if possible with a wind guard (want to do interviews and music sound capture) and would be willing to spring extra for that. But don't see any that look like they would mesh well with the case.

Otherwise a decent, inexpensive mono mic would be an improvement over the muffled audio due to the case (and inboard mic being pretty weak anyway).

BONUS: what are some good audio editing apps for the iphone? Free is good, few bucks is ok too.

Finally, not really related but I just got a violin, total beginner. Not the main reason I'm getting the mic, but if you know any good apps for learning/tuning/recording/etc with my violin... would appreciate recommendations. Thanks!
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Response by poster: BTW, as a preempt: I love the case. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My iPhone would be dead 5 times by now. so no, the case stays.
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For microphones, check out Mikey by Blue. I have the older one, and it rocks pretty hard. They have a good free audio recording app to use it with too, Blue FIRe. I use the pay version, called FIRe Field Recorder.

The Mikey requires use of the docking port, which will be hard with your case. There are iphone dock extenders out there, which are either extension cables or small extender plugs. The problem is that most of these may simply be too wide for the port. There's one cable that might work for you. I use a SendStation Dock Extender, but I don't have an Otterbox case.
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Blue make good mics. Hope that one works with your case.

For a tuner, it doesn't get better than Petersen's strobe tuner app called iStroboSoft, in my opinion. Really really quick readout, like their hardware strobe tuners, and about 1% of the cost. (Naturally, not as good, but still pretty awesome.)
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