Help Me Make Snap Crackle Pop!
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My joints are loud and when I move my arms and back it makes a surprising amount of noise, one that continues as I move, not "this popped once and that's it." I'd like to record the sound of my joints as I move and then use this in a sound editing program, like audacity or garageband (aspirationally, Ableton). What's the best setup for this?

I tried recording with a zoom and a friend in a soundbooth, and the mic picked up so much other stuff that I had only tiny snippets that were usable- ok for loop into beats but not what i'm looking for. Also, it's a subtle sound, so i would imagine having a few different mics positioned along my body might be better. Do i want contact mics? something like a stethoscope? and how do I connect them? I don't have an audio interface. Assume I am mostly an idiot, on a pretty low budget, but also want to hear ideal scenarios. Thanks!
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Contact mic into zoom might work, worth a shot anyway. Most cheap ones come with a cable attached, so you should be fine there. I would just do one mic placed over or near a joint. If you want different sounds from different joints, move the mic around and get different recordings/ wav files for each joint. Do the recording in a situation where you can be comfortable in little/no clothing and put the contact mic directly on your skin.
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