How can I subscribe to this Google calendar from my Mac and iPhone?
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Has Google made it harder to find the ics url needed to subscribe to a calendar, or am I going crazy? Is there a way to dig out the URL so I can subscribe to a published Google calendar from iCal on my Mac or from my iPhone calendar?

I'm specifically interested in this calendar, but I've run into the problem before so I'd appreciate a general solution.

I can provide additional examples and explanations if that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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You'll need to enable it here:

It's annoying how obscure this setting is!
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To clarify:

The calendar in question is a calendar that someone else has created. I don't want to subscribe to the calendar from my Google calendar. I don't use a Google calendar. I have one somewhere in the dusty background of my internet past, but I never use it.

It is still possible, I'm pretty certain, to dig an ICS link out of a Google calendar that someone else publishes. You can use that ICS link to subscribe to the calendar from iCal on the Mac or from an iPhone calendar. You can do this without having a Google calendar of your own to use as an intermediary.

For example, the ics URL for this published Google calendar is It used to be easy to get those links. Google has changed their calendar interface to make it harder to get those links, though apparently still possible. A friendly stranger got that link for me, but he didn't tell me how he did it. I'd like to be able to do it on my own.

I'll go back into the background now. Thanks.
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Here is the ics URL for that calendar:

I got it by adding the calendar to my Google calendar, opening up the calendar details, and grabbing the iCal Calendar address. Sorry - if there is another way to find that URL, I don't know what it is.
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To clarify, I am fairly certain there is no way to obtain a calendar-specific ics URL generated within/by Google Calendar other than (1) opening the calendar within the Google application or (2) asking a creator of or subscriber to the calendar to give you the URL. ICS is a file type, and the file it points to is generated within the Google application. I don't think there's another type of digging that could be done.
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Thanks, sevensnowflakes for walking through this. It looks like like Google made it harder but at least it is still possible. Now I know how.
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