How to sync Palm and Google Calendar on Linux?
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How can I sync my calendars with linux.

I use only linux. I have a palm device and a google calendar. I want to keep them both in sync, or at least to synchronize some of the events. I may have other Google calendars to sync if this seems to work. How can I keep these together. I know that Google calendar can export to .ics format. I looked at the SyncML implementations, but I couldn't make any sense of them, and they seemed to not be linux friendly.

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here's a starting point. GCalDaemon can sync between gcal and ical compatible formats.
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According to their Supported Devices page, GooSync supports "all" Palm devices, though they may only be referring to Palm/Mobile Phone hybrids, one of which your device may not be...
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Response by poster: Well, FWIW, it looks like the palm can sync with SyncML. There's apparently some way to sync Google Calendar with SyncML, though I can't tell what it is. I can run a funambol server as a repository. So, it seems like it's doable. Maybe BitPIM will let me sync my phone's contact list as well, though I'm not 100% sure of that. I don't care about the phone's calendar, but having my palm and phone contacts synchronized would be a good thing, I think.

This all seems more complicated than necessary.
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