Make our calendars play nice with each other.
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My girlfriend and I need a shared calendar for events we're going to together, days one of us will be out of town or in a conference, etc. Special snowflake details inside.

Complication: she uses Google Calendar with her Android phone, and I use my iPhone's built-in calendar (which syncs with iCal, I presume; I don't usually access it from my computer). What's the easiest way for us to set up a calendar that I can view and add events to on my phone, and which she can view and add events to from her phone or from her computer (she uses both)?
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My wife and I share google calendar -- can't you access and add events to that on your phone?
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Best answer: If you don't object to switching to Google Calendar, the easiest way might be for you to just start using Google Calendar from your iPhone (here and here).
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Best answer: You can easily sync Google calender with your iPhone. I do it, and it works a treat!
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Best answer: Synchronize your iPhone with a Google calendar. We use 3 Google calendars. One for her, one for me, one for "hey, this looks interesting, we should consider going".

At a glance I can see what she's doing, what I'm doing, and possible answers to the "what do you want to do tonight?" question.
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Best answer: Yes, Google calendars do all this. My lovely GF and I share one over iCal, iPhone etc.
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Best answer: Nthing Google Calendar.

Maybe this is utterly obvious to everyone, but it took me a while to figure out that you can have multiple calendars that all layer together on your main one. That's also how you get different events to have different colors. There's a sidebar on the left that says, "My Calendars" with an option to add more. If you both add one for shared events, you can only share and sync that one calendar so things won't get too crowded.
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My wife and I use Cozi, and have found it to be pretty helpful. There are iPhone and android apps.
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Not only can you use Google Calendar, you can also use an alternate app like Calvetica (pay for or "Narrow" free version).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody!
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