Any Tips or Things to Consider Before/After Purchasing Nintendo Switch?
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I am pulling the trigger and purchasing a Nintendo Switch (my poor wallet). I've heard a number of things that have me a bit concerned: dead pixels, left joy-cons that do not work, docked charging that scratches the screen or doesn't charge. Is it better to play docked or handheld? It's been out since March, so for all you early adopters, what should I be aware of and/or avoid spending money on with regards to accessories (screen protectors, grips, fancy gamepads)?
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My son has had one since march and he loves his. he plays both docked (multiplayer with me) and undocked. He has a screen protector because, yes, taking it in and out of the dock sloppily might result in a scratched screen.
He is 13 and takes meticulous care of his switch and has had zero problems with it. in fact he has become so bold that last week he modded his joycons (changed covers which entails removing the guts, went smoothly).
I'm not a gamer, but it seems like a solid device. the graphics for the new mario odyssey seem insanely good for a handheld device. He loves splatoon, MK8 and shovel knight the most I think.
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I haven't had a problem with scratching the screen by taking it in and out of the dock. I do have a screen protector that I keep meaning to put on just in case.

I much prefer playing it docked. I find it awkward to hold when it's out of the dock and the controls are connected to the screen, but I don't have a lot of experience with handheld gaming.

My biggest problem with it was that, for the first several months I had it, it could just as easily have been called "The Zelda Machine," because there were no other games that I was interested in. But in the last week I picked up NBA 2K18 and Mario Odyssey and look forward to playing those.
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Get a glass screen protector and you're all set. The Pro Controller is nice, but not mandatory.

I split my time between docked and handheld, plus a little bit of table-top - all modes are sensational. The new Mario is a must-have. Go out and get yourself a Switch!
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I haven't had any problems, and no screen protector for me so far. I put it in this case to go places and in spite of the straps inside touching the edges of the screen, haven't had any scratches. This includes many trips by bicycle and transit, and plenty of time both docked and handheld.

The biggest thing you'd want to pay attention to to avoid scratches when docking it is to make sure the screen's clean-ish before doing that. No jam-hands anywhere near my Switch (including mine.)

The joy cons connect well for me, but can occasionally get wonky when I've got my legs up in front of them. I really love being able to play games without keeping my hands together in front of me, but it's hard for me to use the controllers precisely when using them one-handed. So for Zelda and some others I've put them in the joy-con holder thing that comes with the Switch, and that's been fine. I haven't gotten a pro controller, but I do have a second set of joy cons so I can swap them out when playing docked and therefore don't have to worry about playing while charging.

Definitely glad more games I want to play are being released. Stardew Valley! Picross S! (And thank goodness that one doesn't really incentivize playing at stupid-fast speeds and doesn't use the touchscreen, because my old 3DS has some extremely obvious Picross scars.) Steamworld Dig 2!
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If you can wait until black friday there's a mario odyssey bundle coming out with red controllers and a carrying case...
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I will likely never put this in a dock and hook it up to a television. It's going to be a handheld/portable device that I mostly play on the couch or in bed. I have Breath of the Wild and Stardew Valley to start my game collection with. I really want to get Mario Odyssey but I also just spent $400+ and it's not really necessary as Zelda is going to be keeping me busy for a long while anyways.

I'm not sure if I'll end up buying a screen protector, I'm pretty careful and I don't have one on my phone but we'll see, this is pretty shiny and it may be the smart thing to do.
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If you can wait until black friday there's a mario odyssey bundle coming out with red controllers and a carrying case...

I couldn't wait. Ha.
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Also, at this moment, I was wanting Breath of the Wild more than Mario. So I just went with the plain grey Switch. No fancy editions and I'm ok with that.
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Definitely get a big memory card. I also bought a little (licensed) leather screen cover that doubles as a three-position stand that I really like.
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Nthing screen protector.
Splatoon is a fun game. :)
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The tempered glass protector that someone mentioned up above was a good idea, looks great, easy to install, no difference whatsoever but I know there's an added layer of protection and it feels better. I'm loving Zelda ya'll. :)
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(FWIW, those mummy monks in the shrines are a real thing...and they mummified themselves alive with tree bark and arsenic before being buried in the ground in an urn then dug up a few years later and are still on display and being venerated and dressed up like a bunch of zombie barbies and there was a whole bbc documentary about them)
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(sorry, it was actually The Learning Channel. documentary: here)
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I got a bundle this spring and it came with: the screen protector, a little game cartridge holder, the pro controller --- and I have used NONE of those items. I feel guilty every time I shove this sucker in my bag to take it with me. I have brought it on a few plane rides, several car rides, family events, etc and not a scratch on the screen.
I've been playing strictly Zelda all summer but the bundle came with Arms... no interest in this game. I have also just bought Mario Odyssey yesterday for my birthday and I have played this for several hours last night and this morning.
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As of today, Hulu is available on the Switch. Yay!
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