YouTube uploader for iPhone S/current OS
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I just installed the most recent OS to my iPhone S, and I'm having a hard time uploading video to my YouTube channel. Help?

I was previously using YouTube Capture, but when I installed the new OS I got an error message that the new OS didn't support that version of Capture. I deleted the app from my phone and looked for the new version of Capture in the app store. Capture no longer exists, but I got two options: Creator's Studio and MyTube Uploader.

I installed Creator's Studio and signed in, but couldn't find the option to upload video. I then installed MyTube, signed in, and selected the video I wanted to upload...but as soon as I selected the video, the app crashed. I deleted MyTube from my phone, reuploaded it, signed in, selected the video...and then it crashed again. I deleted MyTube from my phone, reuploaded it, shut down my phone, started it up again, signed in, selected the video...and it crashed AGAIN.

I just want to upload a video onto my YouTube channel. I don't want to go live right now, I don't need to edit it...I just want to upload. There are no options for uploading on the current YT app apart from going live, which, again, I do not want to do. I feel like there's something I'm missing--suggestions?
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You can upload to YouTube from the OS itself. Go to your movie in the built-in Photos app, click the upward arrow in the lower-left, and choose YouTube.
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