Online source for printing a manual?
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I have a pdf of about 220 pages, 8.5 x 11, and I would like to have it printed and bound into a spiral booklet form or similar using an online printer that would then mail it to me. Any suggestions?
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is there a reason your set on using an on-line printer ? Staples/kinkos and similar places do this, and do it pretty cheaply.
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I used Office Depot for a similar job two years ago and was happy with the result. 93 black and white pages with color glossy covers was about $20 per copy for a small quantity (less than ten).
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I like to use FedEx Online printing for medium-to-big jobs like this. You upload your job online. I send it to my local shop and pick it up, but they do ship, and shipping is free for orders over $100.
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You should have plenty of local copy shops available for this - ask for their pricing for spiral or plastic comb binding; they'll likely be much cheaper than the big-name services like FedEx (which took over Kinkos) and Staples. They may or may not be able to mail it to you, but they're likely to be able to print it "tomorrow" and hold it for you for a few days until you could pick it up.

Double-sided color printing can get expensive; you may want to compare prices from a few places. I've seen it as little as about 15 cents a page up to over a dollar. If it's black and white, that's less hassle. (Also has a wide range - half a cent to 15 cents a page - but in any case, less likely to break your wallet.)

Binding should cost between one and five dollars; more than that is unreasonable. (IMHO $5 is unreasonable, but if it's got good per-page price, it's tolerable.)
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My local UPS store is pretty friendly about this. I think if you call one and talk to the manager they can get a price for you including shipping, charge your credit card over the phone and get it all done for you.
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