Homemade Cleaning Solution for Braun Syncro?
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Anyone know a recipe for a homemade refill for a Braun Syncro electric razor cleaning cartridge?

I have a Braun 7526 Syncro Shaver System with Clean & Charge Storage Stand. The "cartridge" light came on this morning, so I have to replace the cleaning cartridge. I would prefer to do this myself, rather than order new cartridges. Googling brought up a recipe of alcohol and lemon juice, but I also read that it might be bad for the machine. I know that they are only $8.99 for two, but I am cheap. Any help would be appreciated. [Links inside]
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Well, it certainly does smell just like alcohol and lemon juice. However, I'm of the opinion that 8.99 for two replacements is much cheaper than replacing the whole thing if you break it. :)
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I have one of those and I hate that odor and feel it leaves the razor with. I know others like it. For straight cleaning you could just use rubbing alcohol. Frankly, the little brush that comes with it does just as good a job. If you like the scent and the sort of greasy feel I guess you could add some scented hand lotion, something with emollients but no oils.
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I have one of those too, and it seems that the fluid has a bit of oil in it, too, doesn't it? I believe the packaging describes it as having lubricating properties. Also, I'm not at home to look more closely, but it has appeared to me that there's some mesh or fabric within the honeycomb on the bottom which traps debris and might be impossible to clean out.
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It is described in US Patent No. 6,698,437. (If that link doesn't work just plug the patent number in here). They don't say very much about the cleaning liquid except that it comprises alcohol, tensides (detergents), lubricants and odorants. They have a number of other patents which you might look at and you might check the patent numbers on the cartridges for the relevant ones. Patents are often a very good source of information about a product, but in this case they seem to focus on the machinery and have left discussion of the fluid out of the patent.
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I have one of these but it never came with the cleaning stand (just a charger), so I brush it out every other day and spray it with a solution of about half rubbing alcohol and half water. Works pretty well.
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If you want to make the refills last a bit longer, don't put the shaver in the base every time. You can plug the shaver itself into the power cord to charge it, and you can put it in the stand every other day. I do it sometimes, and I haven't had any problems. As long as you don't have a giganta-beard, I think you'd be OK.
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Update: I just bought the damn things. So far a two pack has lasted me since I asked this question.
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