Red-Light Shaving?
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Electric razor / shaver for touch-up shaving in the car? (at red lights of course).

I have a city commute with a lot of red lights and I'd like to use this time to do some touch-up shaving.

I don't need an especially close shave -- I just want to be (visibly) presentable for work.

I do a Mach 3 shave about once a week for smoothness, but in between I get more stubbly than I'd like. I don't like shaving and I'd rather not increase the frequency of my full shaves -- so I'm looking for an easy way to touch-up mid-week.

Ideally I'd like an electric razor that I can keep in my car and charge/power through the cigarette lighter (or USB, as my phone's car charger has a USB port). Alternatively, I could use a cordless razor that I charge inside overnight.

Any suggestions on a razor that will do the trick? I'd prefer it to cost $60 or less but I would spend more if your recommendation is enthusiastic enough.

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I bought this one last year. I use it to trim 3-4 times a week and the charge lasts me quite a long time and would work just fine for your car. When it's close to losing charge, it will flash a red light (but still has enough juice for another one or two touch ups).

But most electric trimmers are under 60 and work fine for a long time on a single charge.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion... Is this just for keeping a beard tidy, or will it work for shaving to the skin?

Again, I don't need to be *smooth,* -- I'd be OK with some light 5-o'clock shadow stubble, as long as I don't look scraggly or unkempt. But I want to be clean-shaven (not bearded), so I'm looking more for a shaver than a beard-trimmer.
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Sorry, this is just to keep the beard tidy. But I keep mine trimmed really short. Guess you would need an electric razor (rather than trimmer) but the rest of my comment (re charging and usability in the car) should still apply.
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I have this Philishave (or a model very similar - mind doesn't have the sideburns trimmer). It lasts a week off charge and the coolskin shave cream means you can shave away from water / other shaving accoutrements without too much skin burn. I really like mine.
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I use a Panasonic ES3831 on a regular basis. Does fine. As usual, it won't give a baby butt smooth shave, but it will make you perfectly presentable if you don't wait until you have a beard to shave. One thing I like about it is that it uses regular AA batteries and they seem to last a pretty long time. They're also pretty inexpensive. I got mine online from Walmart for around $13. Fry's also has them for about the same price.
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I'm an expert on this, as I've been shaving in the car for many years (safely, of course). For me the Norelco rotaries work best.

There are two things I've found are most important when using them in the car:

1. Most razors will hold a charge for a WEEK, so you only have to bring in the razor to charge on weekends. But you need to find a razor that has NiCd (nickel cadmium) batteries in it, instead NiMH or lithium or whatever. Charging once a week means you are deep-discharging it every week, and NiCd's love that -- the other chemistries don't like deep-discharging, preferring to stay topped up with daily charging. I had a non-NiCd razor once and the battery only lasted a few months before it wouldn't make it through Friday anymore.

2. Make sure the head assembly stays on tight -- meaning it takes some effort to unlatch it for cleaning. Having it spontaneously open on you (and dump the shaving debris in your lap or glovebox) is not fun.

Alas, you usually can't determine either of these things until you buy it and unpack it. It's actually nearly impossible to find the battery type these days.

I can't shave wet, as it tears up my skin -- no advice on that please, I've already tried.
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I was recently discussing this with someone who swears by the Braun Mobileshave M-60. It's compact, selfcontained, nicely-designed, runs on AA batteries, does a good job, and is about $20. I don't know about powering through the dash, but you could get rechargeable AAs.
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