OSX app to log phone calls w/ datestamp from my stock G4 modem?
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I need an OSX app that will make use of my G4s internal modem to receive caller ID information and log the time of the call.

Using a standard G4 modem (which I don't believe is a 'voice' modem, but I could be wrong), is there a way to record who calls came from and when they happened? Bonus points for recording the duration of a call. Super-mega-bonus points if it can integrate into a billing/invoicing system. Cheaper is better. Here's my rig.
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You're going to need different hardware to be able to capture call duration -- the modem's not going to have a way to know that.

If you're looking for an application (as opposed to a daemon), your selection looks limited. A glance at MacUpdate suggests Silica might be useful to you.

The right way to do all of what you want (and more, more, more!) is to rig up Asterix, but it's not really an "OSX app" to speak of, and you're going to need a bit of hardware to do the job.
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Using Asterix just for logging Caller ID is overkill IMHO.

CIDTrackerX seems to be just what you're looking for... however the author says that Apple modems don't seem to decode CID.

I went through three or four modems in the "junk" PCI card box at my brother-in-law's computer store before finding one that would decode CID info. It ended up being a USR 56K hardware modem to boot. The problem is that the modem has to be "listening" to the line between the first and second rings, without actually answering the call. This requires special hardware that many cheap OEM manufacturers simply leave off the modem.

So you might need to find another modem :(
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Not exactly what you asked for, since they use separate hardware, but you might be interested in phlink or phone valet.
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Does anyone know a good application for Windows XP? I've got the same need.
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I found that if you've got your fax/modem setup properly in Windows XP as a fax device, it pop an info balloon next to the system tray with the CID info when a call comes in. Provided your modem supports it, of course.

Google gives a lot of hits, this one is free though.

Not making a specific recommendation for Windows because I'm using a Linux box and a Perl script to accomplish this.
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"adamrice" has pointed out the best solution. PhoneValet does everything that you're asking for, and a whole lot more. Their newest version is a damn kick ass product. I highly highly highly suggest it.
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I'm using ncid on my mac mini. It records time of day and can make it available across a network via tcp connection. With sufficient glue and bailing wire you can make it speak the caller ID info. It's not recording call duration, though, since it never actually picks up the phone.

There is a Mac front-end that has all the sparkly transparent popup window stuff, if you're into that.
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unbusted link for the glue and bailing wire thing
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