Songs with the "drip" sound?
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Hello askmefi! I'm looking for songs that involve that "drip" sound heard in so many synth/house/pop music compilations lately. I figure I can throw together one of those fun "askmefi spotify playlists" that come up every now and then. An example of a song with the drip is "Make Me (Cry)" by Noah Cyrus, and "Wind Bell" by In The Blue Shirt.

If it helps, it seems the most common in music that is heavily synthesized - like Pogo's tracks where they cut apart Wizard of Oz.
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As aforementioned:

"Make Me (Cry)" by Noah Cyrus
"Wind Bell" by In the Blue Shirt
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"Overjoyed" by Stevie Wonder, if memory serves.
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Gold by Kiiara
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Drop by Cornelius is drops, splashes, the lot
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Drip Drop by Taemin
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Eminem - Drips
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Not exactly a "song" like the others above, but Watching Clouds by Monolake.
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I’m not familiar with your reference, but there’s a song on Cornelius’s Point album that heavily featured the sound of water dripping in a sink. I think the video showed a little kid dripping water in a sink. From looking at the titles on that album, my guess is that it was “Drop”. You should be able to track it down from this info.
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... and I didn’t read clearly enough up above.
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Swalla by Jason Derulo
Flashback Disco by Denki Groove (that old chestnut!! Haha. Drop sounds start halfway through)
Anaconda by Nicky Minaj
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I don't hear the drip sound effect in the eminem song - am I missing it?
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Would love to add more if anyone else has them!
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