An app like Plotagon where the characters can sing?
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I want to make animated music videos simply, the way you can make "movies" simply with Plotagon or something similar.

But I would like the characters to sing my songs. (They can't do that now because the rhythm of speech is not the same as the rhythm of singing. Also, as far as I can tell, you can't upload your own music to Plotagon. You have to use the mic function, which would be fine for my voice, but not fine for the instrumental tracks I have assembled in GarageBand for iOS.)

[It would also be great if, for one video I want to do, there are child characters. I haven't been able to find that in Plotagon or any similar application, but it's not totally necessary.]

So -- I have a feeling that what I want doesn't exist, but I thought I'd ask here just to make sure I'm not missing any interesting app out there that would do these things.

(I know there are a million animation programs, but I don't want to go frame by frame, picture by picture, etc. (I can't draw well)). I just wanted to use Plotagon or something similar in a fun way.

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