Thoughts for 2017 on the smartcar Cabrios (convertibles)?
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I drive a 2000 Toyota Solara convertible and I've vowed I never want to have a non-convertible car again. It's starting to fall apart and I'm looking at my choices for a new or lightly used replacement. I love the tiny-ness of the smartcars and test-drove one years ago and liked it (and saw this previously and this previously. Do you have a recent smartcar? Do you like it? Especially, do you have a smartcar convertible? If not smartcar, what other teeny convertible would you recommend? Are there any? I must admit that the price point on the smartcar is alluring. Details on my use inside.

I drive <10 miles each way to work and back every day, 20 miles each way to my partner's house on the weekends x2, and about twice a year 175 miles each way to my folks' house.
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Those little fiat 500's are a hoot to drive, especially the convertibles, and surprisingly comfortable. I used to test drive them and was in them from 8-10 hours at a time. I have no idea about maintenance, safety, or long term reliability. Check with your insurance agent on prices. My agent told me that 2 doors are more expensive to insure because they are considered "sports cars". I don't know if that's just my company, Travelers, or an industry standard though.
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I've had a few Mazdas and those Mazda Miatas are super cute and they've been around for YEARS so new and used should be available near you.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Maybe I should have capitalized Smartcar? I think it's styled lowercase. To clarify, I am looking right now at the smartcar brand, but I am open to suggestions if smartcar sucks.

Oh, and I have a 2-door right now, so that's a non-issue for me.
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The Mini Cooper convertible is a tight fun car too. With a back seat to boot.
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I didn't drive it but I rode in a friends Mini Cooper and it's a blast! I'm tall, a big galoot with a lot of leg and a lot of long body also and I fit no problem, didn't feel the least cramped. And that little thing really moved out FAST! I was really surprised. Super cool car.

I know nothing about Smart cars, only responding in here because Doc Sock mentioned it, plus because it's you. I hope you find a great car. Walk slow, no need to frantically grab whatever shows up; the right car is coming your way.
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You should absolutely see if you can hunt down a Mini Roadster - those are two seater Mini convertibles (smaller than the ones with the back seats but have HUUUUGE trunks)!!

They stopped making them a couple years ago, but you can definitely find them if you look around - especially on Carmax. They are an absolute blast to drive. If I didn't have kids, I would definitely have one.

I have a 2013 Mini convertible and absolutely *love* it. I took it across the country last summer with my daughter as part of Mini Takes The States - a huge rally put on by Mini USA every other summer. It was pretty awesome!

The only thing I don't like about the Mini convertibles have big blind spots when the roof is up because there is no rear side window. You get used to it, but there is a big learning curve. Totally worth it because it's such a SWEET little car. The new Mini convertibles have been completely revamped. They have totally different, very zippy engines made by BMW. Some of the other changes was a new design that took away the big roll bar loops in the back and replaced them with hydraulic safety lifts that pop up in seconds if the car senses a roll in an accident. It truly is a beautiful car. It's got the backseat and a trunk that can fit a week's worth of groceries if you pack carefully.

One thing you should know is that the Minis come with full service, whereas
the Fiats don't (or at least didn't when I looked at them). CPO Minis come with service, as well.
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